Your Valentine Will Eat These Personalized M&M's Right Up, But You Better Hurry!

Valentine's Day is officially a week away people, so the clock is ticking on holiday shopping time. It's probs too late to order your sweetheart engraved jewelry or plan a romantic getaway (there's always next year), but you also don't want to give bae the same cheesy bouquet of chocolate roses everyone will be getting their special someone. But before you panic buy a giant teddy bear that has no actual use on V-Day Eve, check out My M&M's personalized Valentine's Day packages and consider getting maximum creativity points with minimum effort.

You might be familiar with this clever gift as a party favor for weddings or baby showers, but My M&M's make a pretty epic Valentine's Day gift too. Basically, you get to personalize a batch of M&M's by choosing the color candies you want, as well as adding a personal message or a photo of your choosing to the chocolate snacks. Imagine how cute a pic of you and bae would be printed in candy ink. The whole process makes it mega easy to get your Valentine a gift that feels super special, even though in reality it'll take you less time to order a set than it would to run to the store. Seriously, I designed a batch myself, and it took all of seven minutes.

True story: I actually received a set of these bad boys back in middle school from my tween boyfriend (shout out to you, JP), and I can report it's still one of the best presents I've received from a significant other a full decade later. Admittedly, it did feel kind of funny to be eating candy with my boyfriend's face on it, but my 13-year-old self mostly feel extra amounts of puppy loved knowing he'd gone to all that trouble for me. And it's definitely more memorable than any basic candy I've gotten over the years.

Need more of an incentive than my adolescent anecdote? I got you: Coupon Follow is offering 25 percent off the entire My M&M site through February 13. A personal gift at a price that won't break the bank? Yes please. But if you want to jump on the custom chocolate train, you'd better do it fast, because your order will only arrive by V-Day with standard shipping if you order by February 6. You can always hit up the expedited shipping option if you think it's just too perfect to miss out on, though.

Plus, if you're worried you're not the most creative, My M&Ms has a Valentine's Day inspiration page that can help you get festive for Cupid's favorite day and guide you to the most romantic packages they have without adding stress to your life. The site has everything from heart-shaped holders to gifting jars decorated with your favorite team's logo. My personal fave is the champagne bottle full of candy (see below). That will last you way longer than an actual bottle of bubbly would.

So head over to My M&M's to get your personal present on, and make sure to use Coupon Follow's discount to give yourself a little something sweet for V-Day too. Celebrating love has never been so easy.