Sparkly, Sweet-Smelling Pikmi Pops Cheeki Puffs Are Your Kid's Next Obsession

Whenever we get ready to leave the house, my 7-year-old mini-me asks me to spritz a little of my body mist on her if she sees me spray some on myself. I begrudgingly share some because I know she likes to smell good, especially if there is shimmer mist involved. But now I can surprise her with her own, in a plushie she's sure to love. Moose Toys has dreamed up the perfect toy for scent-lovers: Pikmi Pops Cheeki Puffs. Cheeki Puffs are an adorable take on the classic beauty puff, a soft plush toy that dispenses shimmer mist in a collectible perfume bottle.

Moose Toys is the company behind my daughter's beloved Shopkins toy franchise, so they have plenty of experience making fun, creative novelties that kids will go bananas for. The Cheeki Puffs are a new addition to the Pikmi Pops series of toys. Over 40+ collectible Pikmi Pops Cheeki Puffs guarantee that fans will never get bored trying new ones. Cheeki Puffs come in three packs of varying sizes (Single Pack, $6; Surprise Pack, $11; Large Pack, $25) that cater to parents like me who might want to get them for a small "just because" gift or something bigger like a Christmas present.

The Single Packs come with 18 cute characters like Fluffins The Sloth, Sweeps The Flamingo, Botts The Corgi, Glitzen The Pony, and many more. If hot pink is your scent-lover's cup of tea, Brushles The Fox (pictured above) is available in the Surprise Pack. Kids can collect 21 characters in the Surprise Packs, and the Large Packs have three characters.

Moose Toys

Kids will love the variety of 9 floral or fruity Cheeki Puffs perfume fragrances available, including Magnolia, Peony, Gardenia, Frangipani, Wild Berry, Honeysuckle, Blueberry, Passionfruit, and Strawberry. There's no need to worry about the perfume bottle shattering, since it's made of plastic and safely packaged inside the fluffy Cheeki Puffs. The shimmer mist comes in shades of gold, pink, purple, and rainbow. The combination of different Cheeki Puffs characters, scents, and colors is a surefire way to make collecting the toys interesting.

When my daughter caught a glimpse of the Cheeki Puffs on my screen, she said in passing, "Oh, that's cute!" She doesn't even know yet that the soft, adorable character will make her shimmer like a unicorn and smell like a summer garden in bloom. I know she's going to be an instant fan. Just the toy design itself is enough to make kids fall in love with Cheeki Puffs. Kids like mine, whose signature lewk is "fresh from the glitter factory," will probably anoint themselves and everything in reach with the toys.

And parents should prepare themselves to be inevitably dusted in rainbow or gold shimmer on the cheeks and nose as part of their little one's beauty ritual. (Yes, Frangipani-scented glitter in my mouth will be exactly what I deserve for not wanting to share my grown-up body mists.) My daughter better be glad those Cheeki Puffs are cuddly cute. But I can't be too mad. After all, what else is glitter for but sharing with everyone?