Collage of two unicorn & galaxy Funfetti cake mix boxes

OMG, There Are Now Unicorn & Galaxy Funfetti Cake Mixes

The year is 1989: the world’s first liver transplant takes place. Tim Berners Lee crafts a proposal that becomes the groundwork for the World Wide Web. And most importantly: I was born. Second most importantly: Pillsbury launched its first Funfetti Vanilla Cake and Cupcake Mix. Now, Pillsbury is celebrating the important anniversary of the first ever Funfetti cake mix with a brand new line of Funfetti cake mixes. I find this momentous occasion both humbling and delicious.

First, let’s explore exactly what “Funfetti” is. A portmanteau of “fun” and “confetti,” this innovation in cake technology puts sprinkles where they really belong: inside the actual cake batter. This means that during the cooking process, the sprinkles become streaks of color that dapple the cake that is a visual spectacle that blew my mind as a child. Vanilla cake was no longer, well, vanilla: Funfetti added an iconic pizzazz that made the cake taste better. Yes mom, that’s right: the colors do add flavor thank you very much, it’s not the same as just eating some plain old boring vanilla cake.


According to the Pillsbury press release, “For the first time in 30 years, Pillsbury Baking has just launched two new non-seasonal Funfetti cake mixes.” Let’s dive right into these bad boys: first, Pillsbury has ground up meat of a unicorn into their cake mixes, crafting the “Funfetti Unicorn” cake and cupcake mix. OK, so no unicorns were harmed in the making of this cake mix — the cake is instead made of delicious strawberry flavoring, with yellow and purple candy Funfettis, topped with vanilla frosting and sprinkles in the shape of unicorns and stars.


The “Funfetti Galaxy” cake and cupcake mixes is a yellow cake mixed with stardust and cosmic wonderment: blue and purple Funfettis spackle the interior of the cake, like the star systems in the milky way, while the blue frosting hosts sprinkles ranging from stars, moons, and rocket ships (no astronauts were harmed in the making of this cake mix). These cakes are perfect for any children interested in the final frontier, or any martians who are celebrating a rare birthday (they only come once every 23 months on Mars, so you’d better have a cosmic cake worthy of such an auspicious occasion).

Both of these cakes are available now, and fall within a price range of $2.49 to $4.99. Which means whether it's a birthday, a family party, or just a random Monday evening you're celebrating, these Funfetti cake mixes are going to be absolutely perfect. And if you think Pillsbury was done celebrating the conception of their Funfetti cake mixes (and me, of course, let’s not forget that), think again: in September, the Pillsbury Brownie Bark mixes will be launched, and you and your tastebuds will get a round-trip ticket to cocoa town. If you’re eager to get your hands on all these new mixes, they’re slowly and steadily taking grocery stores by storm, and will be stocked at major retailers by late September 2019 all across the nation.

Edit note: This post has been updated to clarify when the product will be available.