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If You're A Pisces, 2020 Could Take You Down A Bold New Path

The age-old phrase, "new year, new you" will really ring true for one astrological sign at the start of the new decade. The Pisces 2020 horoscope promises a year of self-exploration, confidence building, and growth. Expect to spend the year examining every aspect of your life and coming out more self-assured than ever before.

Indeed, 2020 will be a "turning point" in all aspects of your life, but particularly “with regard to [your] sense of purpose in work, family, and relationships," as professional spiritual adviser Philip Young, Ph.D., tells Romper. While it may seem intimidating to enter a new year with such a big purpose, astrologer Steven Forrest tells Romper that “sometimes the smartest thing in the world is to know that [you] don’t know what [you] are doing,” meaning it’s okay to be in over your head, as long as you accept it and use it as an opportunity to grow.

You'll likely find yourself spending a lot of time examining your relationships this year. Pop culture astrologer Kyle Thomas tells Romper that 2020 is the "time for you to open your heart more deeply than ever before, so there’s no point in fighting it.” He also notes that if you're single, this could be the year you turn a longtime acquaintance into something more.

As for relationships outside of the romantic sphere, says you'll enjoy a lot of time with your family between April and August. However, you'll also find yourself exploring who you are outside your family, particularly in May and July. That self-awareness will pay off, because says your existing relationships will be strengthened come June and you may even start to develop some new meaningful ones.

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The start of the new decade won’t solely focus on your evolving relationships, though. Young says you'll also find yourself “getting spiritually awakened” this year, and Forrest agrees: “A big vision is slowly taking shape in you.” You may notice this to be particularly true when autumn rolls around, because that’s when says you'll have developed a clear sense of who you are as a person... as well as who you aren’t.

To take full advantage of this self-awareness, Thomas suggests creating a vision board of “plans you want not only now but in the coming decade ahead” as well. Your spiritual evolution paired with Jupiter’s presence (which Thomas calls the “planet of miracles”) in your sign for the majority of the year makes way for big rewards. Thomas says that in 2020, “your greatest hopes and dreams are being illuminated” so pay attention to get the most out of your time.

By the end of the year, says you will find yourself more willing to take professional risks. Since you spent the previous months really getting in tune with your intuition, trust yourself to take those risks because you'll have a much stronger sense of what you truly want and will have the confidence to go after it. Thomas says 2020 is a “time of abundance and celebration for you,” so taking risks could help the universe deliver on that promise.

As 2020 comes to a close, you will feel empowered thanks to all the time you spent growing and reflecting over the year. You'll have gained the confidence to go forward into 2021 being assured in your beliefs, having a strong awareness of your own aspirations, and with a clear sense of how you plan to continuously evolve in the months to come.


Philip Young, Ph.D., professional spiritual adviser and subject matter expert in Astrology and Tarot

Steven Forrest, author of "The Inner Sky" and former astrology columnist at "Elle" magazine

Kyle Thomas, pop culture celebrity astrologer