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Ashley Graham's Solo Vacation Is A Master Class In Self-Care For Moms-To-Be

Ashley Graham is literally living her best life at moment, or at least that's how it appears from her Instagram Stories. That's because pregnant Ashley Graham is vacationing solo somewhere in the wilderness of California, and her trip looks like something out of a woodland fairytale. From spotting deers outside of her cabin window to sipping cozy drinks while overlooking stunning mountain vistas, the mama-to-be is thriving. And not only is her devotion to self care impressive, but she also hit the nail on the head when she encouraged fans not to apologize for taking care of themselves.

When you think of celebrity babymoons, luxurious getaways might come to mind. But in the case of Graham — who is pregnant with her first child — her pre-baby getaway involves some alone time in the woods. And luckily for fans, the model shared some snaps of her vacay to her Instagram Stories Sunday, sharing what appears to be the most chill "me time" session ever.

It's unclear exactly where Graham is, but a book on a table in her cabin reveals she's likely in California. And speaking of that table, it looks like the hosts of her cabin made her a congratulatory cake, along with gifting her a toy bunny. After showing fans the spread, Graham pans over to the views outside of her cabin, which features trees, trees, and more trees. Um, can I book a trip to wherever this is ASAP?

Graham then gifts fans with multiple shots of deer, before sharing a selfie with an important caption about self-care. "Two days of me time. Nothing better. Take care of yourself, and don’t apologize for it," she wrote.

Of course, a solo vacation is probably not for everyone. And that's OK because self-care looks different for each person. But no matter how you might feel about two nights alone in the woods, I think many people can agree that Graham is nailing this whole pregnancy thing. This might have something to do with the model's longterm commitment to self-love, a topic she has discussed numerous times before.

Health at any size is hard for some people to understand when all you’ve been hearing is ‘you’re fat, you’re not good enough, you need to get a man, you need this to get a job',” she in May 2019 about finding confidence, according to NBC News. “But in the end, it’s about taking care of yourself, creating spaces for yourself where you can feel sane. If I can spend 15 minutes of quiet time and talk to myself, I’m going to go into this meeting and slay.”

So yeah. I'm not too surprised to see Graham embracing pregnancy on her own terms, and for taking care of herself to the fullest.

I'm not sure when Graham is due, but if she is set to give birth sometime in February 2020 as has been reported, that means fans have a lot more self-care inspo to look forward to. Enjoy your solo getaway, mama!