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Ashley Graham Posted The Most Stunning Nude Bump Photo After "Some Serious Self Care"

Ashley Graham has become a positivity icon through her work in the modeling industry and more. For years now, the fashion designer has worked hard to make sure every woman feels great in her body, no matter what, and now that she's pregnant with her first child, it looks like she's going to be applying that same positive energy to those who are growing bundles of joy inside them, too. In a new pregnancy photo, Ashley Graham displayed her bump while "practicing some serious self care" following a nice prenatal massage. And, honestly, I'm so excited to see how she's going to use her own pregnancy to empower other expectant moms to love their bodies and themselves.

Graham and her husband Justin Ervin announced they're expecting their first child together just one week ago. To reveal the exciting news, the couple shared a video celebrating their nine year anniversary on Graham's Instagram account. "Nine years ago today, I married the love of my life. It has been the best journey with my favorite person in the world! Today, we are feeling so blessed, grateful and excited to celebrate with our GROWING FAMILY! Happy anniversary, @mrjustinervin Life is about to get even better," she captioned the pregnancy announcement video.

Though Graham has not revealed when exactly she's due, she was likely already several months pregnant at the time of her announcement, which means her fans have been treated to several fantastic pregnancy bump photos in the past week. And one of her most recent pictures was taken at Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa on the Caribbean island of St. Barth's, where the model was apparently feeling "feeling grateful for an hour and a half of massage bliss," as she wrote on Instagram.

Of course the picture is exceptionally lovely; Graham is one of the world's most recognizable models, after all, so she's no stranger to excellent back lighting and a well-draped robe. But she is also someone who has stood strong against body-shamers throughout her career, helping other women become more comfortable within their skin every time she refused to be minimized or insulted as a real-size model.

As most pregnant women remember, feeling good about your changing body can be a real struggle when you're growing your baby. And already Graham is using her social media platform to highlight just how beautiful a pregnant body can be. Even when she's just having a nap in a bikini, which she accurately declared are a "new non-negotiable" for her.

The comments on Graham's Instagram pregnancy posts have been almost all positive, with fans writing messages along the lines of, "You are ROCKIN that bikini momma!!!!" and "my favourite mommy to be at the moment." On her most recent prenatal massage photo, one follower commented, "Self care is so important while pregnant," while another said, "Please post 10000+ pregnancy photos. We don’t see enough plus size women in pregnancy photos. Baby bumps look different on every body."

I have a strong suspicion Ashley Graham's pregnancy is going to accomplish more than growing a little person. I can see this body positive activist helping other moms along the way learn to love themselves no matter what. And that's a pretty powerful thing.