Ashley Graham incorporated her pregnancy bump into her Halloween costume.
James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Ashley Graham Was A "Knocked Up Jessica Rabbit" For Halloween & The Photos Are SO Good

Being pregnant on Halloween can be a blessing in disguise on several levels, no pun intended. First off, you have access to so much more fun-sized candy than you might have at any other time of the year and if you'r going through a craving stage of pregnancy, this is pretty great. But also let's face it: a growing bump offers up a wealth of costume possibilities for a creative pregnant woman. And it looks like Ashley Graham did just that with her Halloween costume this year. The mom-to-be didn't just incorporate her adorable bump into her festive get-up, it was also sizzling hot. I think she just won Halloween.

The Sports Illustrated model is expecting her first child with filmmaker husband Justin Ervin, and she is clearly enjoying every moment of it. Possibly never more so than when she got dressed up for Halloween over the weekend, presumably for a party (although I'm just saying pregnant women should be allowed to trick-or-treat too, so let's get this started with a petition or something).

In a series of incredible photos she shared on Instagram, Graham showed off her bump in an amazing Jessica Rabbit costume from the classic 80s flick Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, but with a twist of course. Imagine if Jessica Rabbit was "knocked up" by late WWE wrestler "Macho Man" Randy Savage and now you have her couple costume with Ervin.

The lingerie designer poured herself into a red strapless latex dress with matching red wig and long purple gloves to really embody the spirit of the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit, even vamping it up in an Instagram video saying the character's classic line: "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way."

One of Graham's Instagram followers asked a seemingly impertinent question about the model's costume, writing on in her comments section: "I just wanna know who squeezed you into that latex and how." Don't worry though; Graham didn't take offense and actually responded with two simple words: "BABY POWDER." However she managed to get herself into that dress she looked amazing, and her husband looked equally excited to get into character.

It should be noted that Graham did take one liberty with her costume as a nod to a pregnant woman's need for comfort. Look closely at her feet in the fourth photo of her post and you will see that she is wearing sneakers instead of heels. Because this is still real life and she needs to be comfortable, after all.

Graham was already a powerful body positivity advocate before her pregnancy, as detailed by Women's Health, but since she announced she was expecting her first child in August she has truly taken it to the next level. She frequently shares posts about embracing her changing body as it grows throughout her pregnancy, and her gorgeous Halloween costume is just another example of her efforts to change the way women look at themselves.

Because being pregnant doesn't mean you can't dress up in a sexy costume for Halloween like everyone else. In fact, it just means you get to be more creative. Ashley Graham clearly won Halloween with this costume, and here's hoping she set an example for any other pregnant woman who wants to try something similar.