a baby wearing a red puffer jacket from primary

Primary's Baby Bestsellers Are On Sale, From $17 Puffers To $5 Shorts & More

If you're a parent who's not really into the "pink for girls" and "blue for boys" scene, you'll be happy to know that Primary's "Annual Big Baby Sale" is happening right now. That means lots of well-made, comfy, gender neutral clothes are marked way down, so this is the perfect time to stock up on everything from onesies to outerwear and more.

Think bright red, yellow, or orange short sleeve baby suits. Super soft jogger pants with adjustable waists. Side snap newborn tops. And better yet, this stuff is super durable and sturdy. Comfort, quality... these are the main things to look for in baby clothes, believe me.

How do I know? Confession: I was an "extra" infant dresser. When my son was born, I was insistent that he be the world's most dapper baby all the time. I bought him two dozen hipster bibs he wore daily with darling stripped onesies and pinstriped pants, Babiator sunglasses and a wee tweed cap. He was freaking adorable, but there was just one problem: When I'd pick him up from Montessori each afternoon he was a hot mess. With his onesie stained in orange baby food and his pants in a pile in his to-go diaper bag, it quickly became obvious that I needed to cool my fashion obsession and put my kid in something comfortable.

Case in point: my son's public school dress code. He's restricted to wear solid colors only, shirts with collars, and no jeans. So what did I do when I got this news last fall? I bought him five pairs of Primary pants, five short sleeve Primary collared shirts, three long sleeve collared shirts, and a pack of Primary socks. And I tell ya, hand on my heart, that's all he's worn all school year and the clothes are still in perfect shape. See for yourself. Grab some of these under-$20 looks for your own rug rat. (Keep in mind that most of the below styles are available in a wide range of colors, too.)

Fighting back tears here that my 4-year-old can no longer wear darling little onesies like this, but man, if he were still a tiny tot, I'd be popping this into my shopping cart asap.

Just got ahead and throw about six of these pairs of sweatpants in your cart. Trust me, your child will live in them for the next six months until they outgrow them and you have to buy six more.

Who doesn't love a footie pajama? The best part is that unlike so many logo clad or character-driven pajamas that seem to made out of plastic, these PJs are extra soft and snuggly.

I think most will agree that babies in tights are freaking adorable. Something about their little chubby legs in itty bitty tights is just too cute for words.

Not gonna lie. If they made these in adult sizes, I'd seriously consider getting a couple of these bloomers to wear as pajamas. Can you imagine anything more comfortable? Especially in the summer.

Have a couple baby showers on your calendar? Go ahead and buy a handful of these matching baby sets. Perfect for spring or winter, and in the all important gender neutral palette, they're a steal at $15 a piece.

Cute and practical, this dress features a bodysuit snap closure underneath to keep a diaper in place while offering comfort.

Have I mentioned I like stripes? I really like stripes. Maybe it's because I can't pull off the horizontal lines myself that makes me want to put my child in nothing but stripes at all times.

I cannot see a cardigan and not think of Hugh Grant's little sister in Knotting Hill who says goodbye to him with a "Ooh, sexy cardi." But I digress. This is a great one for a little babe.

A winter jacket for $17! Need I say more? I need not.