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$10 Off Body Pillows & More In Amazon's Maternity Prime Day Deals

Everyone focuses on buying gifts for the baby when a woman gets pregnant, but they mama-to-be deserves a little help, too. All the things a pregnant woman needs to get through those nine months don't come cheap, but Amazon's making it a little more affordable with their Prime Day maternity deals.

Clothes are one of the biggest expenses for an expecting momFortune cited research estimating that it's about $500 to get through a pregnancy. If you're lucky, your typical wardrobe might stretch a bit and last you for a while, but at some point most women are probably going to need some proper maternity clothes. Since you won't wear them for all that long, it's worth waiting for a sale before you stock up. Maternity and nursing bras might get more use, but they're sometimes so expensive to begin with that scouring the web for sale prices is your best bet. Then, there's the stuff like nursing and pumping gear that you'll want to have ready to go well before baby comes. And don't forget the things you'll want to have on hand for your own comfort, like a pregnancy pillow.

These Prime Day maternity deals are worth checking out, especially since you can use the money you saved to score some baby gear.

$10 Off A Full-Body Pregnancy Pillow

Get the support you need for those achy hips and back with this full body pregnancy pillow. It's 100 percent cotton and machine washable, and with its supportive C-shape, you will get the comfort you need to relax and sleep through the night.

$5 Off Maternity Robe

Relax in the comfort of this cozy maternity robe that features super deep pockets (everyone loves pockets), a wrap-around belt, and 3/4 sleeves. Wear it during and after delivery for convenient access and breastfeeding.

$6 Off Waistband Extender

Looking for something for those awkward in-between months? Check out this waistband extender that allows you to continue wearing your favorite pair of jeans even when they don't quite fit.

$5 Off Women's Maternity Dress

All those nights nursing will flow a lot more smoothly when you wear this super comfy nightgown.

$6 Off Maternity Belly Band

When you wear this belly band, your growing belly won’t break your back — and you’ll be pretty in pink, too.

$6 Off Stretch Mark Prevention Treatment Cream for Pregnancy

It might not be able to prevent all stretch marks, but slathering on this cream can help improve your skin’s elasticity and soothe it with aloe extract.

$4 Off Women's Maternity Tank Dress

With its ruched sides, this maternity dress shows off your bump beautifully. It’s perfect for your baby shower or a night out with your partner.

$3 Off Off-Shoulder Maternity Swimsuit

Now you and your belly can soak up the sun and splash in the waves with this maternity bathing suit that will keep you cool for the summer.

$5 Off Pregnancy Pillow Wedge

Sweet dreams are guaranteed when you use a pregnancy wedge pillow that supports both your back and your bump.

$3 Off Compression Socks

They might not be the prettiest product in your closet, but the added support that these compression socks give will have your tootsies thanking you.