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Prince Harry Just Got Some Genuinely Great Parenting Advice From A Little Kid

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are parents now. As the entire world knows, their son Archie arrived on May 6 and the first-time parents couldn't be any more excited if they tried. Everything is new and wonderful and amazing, sort of the way most new parents feel in those early days. But that doesn't mean they aren't open to getting a little helpful advice every now and then. Even if that advice comes from someone who might not have loads of parenting experience. For instance, Prince Harry got some parenting advice from a sweet kid and honestly, it's pretty wise.

The new dad was on official royal duty visiting an Oxford community center on Tuesday, taking time away from his new home at Frogmore Cottage where Meghan Markle is currently on maternity leave with little Master Archie (his official title since his parents have elected not to have him called a prince or an earl, according to The Daily Express).

During his royal visit in Oxford, according to HuffPost, the Duke of Sussex was offered homemade cards and presents from well-wishers, including several posters from young children. And one such poster was from a young girl called Sinead, and she had some pretty excellent advice for Prince Harry to help ensure his baby boy would be getting lots of rest.

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As the Instagram fan account page Harry_Meghan Updates shared on Tuesday, as People reported, the young girl from Bayards Hill Primary school wrote on a poster for the prince: "When Archie is asleep don't put loud films on. Good luck with the baby. Love Sinead."

This seems like pretty solid advice to me. Especially since Prince Harry is a member of the royal family and can presumably afford a seriously huge television with surround sound and all that jazz. If he puts on The Terminator or something, there's no way Archie is getting any sleep.

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Master Archie's sleeping habits were apparently quite a hot topic on Tuesday when Prince Harry was visiting the Bayards Hill Primary school. According to Hello! Magazine, as the proud dad gathered up dozens of homemade cards from the children who had made them for him, he let the group of kids know: "When I’m awake at 4 o’clock in the morning I'll read all these."

I mean, he didn't come right out and say he would be awake with Archie but since Prince Harry's late night party days are well behind him, I think it's a safe assumption.

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Prince Harry's older brother, Prince William, knows a little something about those late nights with babies as a father of three himself.

In fact, when asked if he had any message for his younger brother after Archie was born, Prince William joked that he was "pleased to welcome him to the sleep-deprivation society," according to Sky News.

Clearly young Sinead's advice about not playing loud films while Archie sleeps is going to come in pretty handy. Because his sleep habits are already top of mind for the royal family and you can just never be too careful, can you?