Prince Harry Shares Uplifting Message For Kids Amid Quarantine During Zoom Call

The Duke of Sussex may not be a senior member of the royal family any longer, but he's still making an effort to stay in touch with the charities he's worked with over the years. In fact, Prince Harry recently hopped on a Zoom call to share an encouraging and heartfelt message with kids who may be having a tough time right now.

Prince Harry is currently living in Los Angeles, California with his wife Meghan Markle and their 1-year-old son Archie. As with pretty much the rest of the world these days, Prince Harry and his family are remaining at home and avoiding groups due to the ongoing pandemic. But just because he's staying at home doesn't mean Prince Harry can't connect with some of the charitable organizations he has worked with over the years, like OnSide Youth Zone, which provides young people with "somewhere safe and inspiring to go in their leisure time."

Due to lockdown orders in the United Kingdom, however, OnSide Youth Zone has been forced to change the way the organization helps young people get together and looked to social media, phone calls, and Zoom calls to provide support for them. And that's where Prince Harry came in. On Sunday, Prince Harry reached out to OnSide Youth Zone members via video call to remind them that they had "all been together" when he visited London the year earlier.

"I remember meeting so many incredible people and hearing your stories — stories of strength, of determination, of resilience but ultimately of courage," he said. "And as I said to you on that night, and I will repeat it again, hats off to every single one of you for surviving but also for thriving."

The Duke of Sussex also told young people watching the video that while this is an undoubtedly "challenging" time, "this too shall pass."

"And before you know it, you will be back together again," Prince Harry said, "probably in a Youth Zone, you know, running around, having the best time ever."

Prince Harry's thoughtful message and words of encouragement hopefully comforted young people who are struggling during quarantine and school closures. And his reminder that "this too shall pass" is not just for kids, in fact, but can serve as a reminder for everyone who is feeling alone right now.

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