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Why Prince Louis' Royal Duties Could Be A Lot Easier Than His Big Brother's

Prince Louis is about to enjoy his first Christmas as a human on planet Earth. It's amazing to realize that he has no idea he's a prince or anything, he's just sort of hanging out in his short pants and fancy sweaters and tights assuming this is how everyone lives. Christmas with the Queen, security detail, a mother with the most glorious head of hair the world has ever known. The 8-month-old prince will realize soon enough, however, that his world looks quite different from the rest of us. But how different, specifically? What will Prince Louis' royal duties look like as he gets older? Well, as it turns out, it's sort of a good news/bad news situation.

As the youngest son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Louis is in a position some people might consider rather advantageous. He's not the heir to the throne like his father, Prince William, or his 5-year-old brother Prince George, nor is he the only daughter like his 3-year-old sister Princess Charlotte. As PopSugar reported, he is what some might refer to as the "spare" prince, as in the old British saying "an heir and a spare."

In other words, as fifth in line to the throne, Prince Louis is more likely to see his royal duties look like his uncle Prince Harry's or his great-uncle (and Prince Charles' "spare" brother) Prince Andrew's duties.

Actually, in Prince Louis' case, he's lucky enough to be a spare to the spare, since the royal family changed the ancient (read super sexist) rule that a daughter get bumped down in the line of succession if there's a son around, according to the BBC.

In fact, according to CBS News, Princess Charlotte is ahead of him as fourth in line to the throne, so it looks like his royal duties might be even lighter than those of his Uncle Prince Harry.

While there are some royal offspring who work like Prince Andrew's daughters Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, this will not really be an option for Prince Louis, as per E! News. Perhaps especially because he is the son of a future king. Because he is in direct line to the throne through his father and grandfather, he will be expected to fulfill official duties as a working member of the royal family.

Much like his uncle Prince Harry and his father Prince William, Prince Louis will likely get an education at some distinguished private schools as he grows older before putting in a little time in the military service (as is traditionally expected of all male members of the royal family). Prince Harry even served in active duty during his pretty illustrious military career, while Prince William worked as a rescue helicopter pilot in the military.

Prince Louis might even have some autonomy in choosing the charities he would like to support in his royal duties, especially since both his mother and father have been instrumental in choosing their own charity work in recent years, such as Middleton's focus on maternal mental health and Prince William's charitable work to end bullying and protect endangered animals in Africa. Almost like they're laying the groundwork for their own children to have a little freedom and independence as adult working members of the royal family.

Prince Louis might be a pretty lucky little royal, truth be told. Because the monarchy is changing, and I have a feeling the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will go to great lengths to make sure it changes to benefit their children.

For now, though, Prince Louis can just hang out and be a cute baby. That's a role he's totally nailing.

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