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Prince Louis's Birth Chart Shows He Was Destined For Royalty

For some reason, royalty and astrology seem to go hand in hand. Maybe it's because both seem heavily influenced by fate: A person doesn't have any more say over whether they're born a royal than they do about being born a Virgo or a Capricorn. So naturally, as soon as the newest royal was born, astrologers the world over jumped at the chance to examine Prince Louis's birth chart. What do the stars have to say about the future of this latest potential heir to the throne?

Louis was born on April 23, 2018 at 11:01 am in London. As astrologer Jessica Adams explained on her website, this makes him a Taurus.

"This little boy has the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Leo, just like Her Majesty the Queen, his great-grandmother," Adams wrote.

"Leo is the traditional sign of kings, queens, princes and princesses."

Big sister Charlotte is also a Taurus, an earth sign known for being practical, dependable, and stubborn. For Louis (and the Queen), whose whose shared Leo moon points towards a tendency for drama and flamboyance, this grounded nature comes in especially handy.

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“As the Moon was next to the karmic north node in Leo on the day of his birth, he’s likely to feel a strong pull of destiny and will need to find his stage to perform on,” astrologer and author Sally Kirkman told Yahoo Style UK.

The prince's moon position also means he'll most likely get along well with his aunt Meghan, Kirkman added, because her sun Leo sits close to his moon Leo. In fact, though the average Taurus is typically thought to be somewhat set in his or her ways, Louis might turn out to have quite a bit in common with his forward-thinking aunt and uncle.

“This is because Uranus, the unconventional planet, was next to the Sun in Taurus when he was born. Traditionally, Sun Taurus doesn’t like change whereas Uranus is the planet of change and all things new and innovative.”

Indeed, Louis won't be the type to sit back and let things be. Taking a closer look at his chart, the website Astrotheme reported that the Cardinal mode is dominant. (The twelve zodiac signs are split up into three modes of four signs each: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable.) A dominant Cardinal mode "indicates a predisposition to action, and more exactly, to impulsion and to undertake," according to Astrotheme. So Louis will be motivated to not just make big plans, but to carry them out.

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Part of that boldness and determination comes from the placement of two key planets, Mercury and Uranus (the "unconventional" planet strikes again!).

"Mercury, planet of communication and curiosity, and Uranus, planet of progress, innovation, and the future, are both in courageous Aries," Claire Comstock-Gay told The Cut.

"With this bright-hot Aries power, maybe this baby won’t be afraid of change. Maybe this baby won’t be afraid of anything."

If Louis had been born back when royals reigned supreme, those under his rulership would have been seriously lucky, because all of that bravery and innovation and determination comes with a decidedly generous streak. As Adams explained, "Born with Mars at 20 Capricorn and sextile Jupiter at 20 Scorpio, this is someone who respects the system — the establishment — and will use his natural good fortune to help other people. You might say, this is a textbook royal."

Part of that kindness could come from his rising sign, watery Cancer. One's rising sign represents the public face we show to the world, said Comstock-Gay.

"Cancer carries a nurturing energy, a sensitive emotional core, and sometimes an avoidance of change. Sometimes Cancer can indicate conservatism, and sometimes a surprising inner depth."

Interestingly, Charlotte's rising sign is Cancer, too, as are dad Prince William's sun and moon, brother Prince George’s sun, and mom Kate Middleton's.

"It’s a shared family language," said Comstock-Gay.

Whether or not Louis will grow up to display any of these characteristics remains to be seen, of course. But considering how the rest of the family seems to fit their astrological descriptions, don't be surprised if this little boy becomes a force to be reckoned with... who's also kind of a sweetheart.