OMG, Puppy Reveal Parties Are So Much Cuter Than Gender Reveal Parties

If you’ve been a purveyor of the internet and social media for any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve heard that gender reveal parties are phasing out in popularity in a lot of cases. First, many folks don’t think gender matters and we choose our own identities. Also, a lot of folks believe gender is a spectrum, so it doesn’t matter what genitals your baby is born with. Basically, gender reveal parties are a hot topic of discussion. But thankfully, there’s a reveal party that everyone can agree on: Puppy reveal parties. And they are even cuter than gender reveal parties by a billion percent. No lie.

These puppy reveal parties prove that it doesn't matter if the puppy is a boy or a girl. They're puppies and they're adorable, and that's all that matters. And people are pretty excited about them — way more excited than baby gender reveal parties. Not everyone likes children. But most people like dogs and puppies, am I right? And apparently, there are even dog "breed" reveal parties, too. However, please adopt and don't shop, y'all. There are plenty of dogs in shelters that are either full-bred and unwanted and dumped or very clearly mixed breed and you can tell what they are if you care about that kind of stuff. There's no need for purebred dogs. We aren't Voldemort and his death-eaters and want only pure-bloods here, OK? Plus, you can totally get a DNA test done for your shelter dog you saved. Because that's right. You saved their life. And then you can throw a breed reveal party in addition to your puppy reveal party. A fun two-in-one for all of your guests and your happily saved and loved new family member.

Your guests won't think you're crazy, and if they do, who needs that kind of negativity anyway? They aren't true friends. And never trust anyone who doesn't like dogs. That's a fact.

People on Twitter are already preparing friends and family for their future puppy reveal parties to come.

And it's clear folks much prefer these puppy reveal parties to gender/sex reveal parties, and it seems like everyone is getting in on the excitement and allure.

As for what one might serve at this puppy reveal party, it's important to make sure the furry guests (and the guest of honor, of course) have delicious treats to enjoy. You can be really extra (read awesome) and buy a dog birthday cake kit to bake your pup and all their friends a cake. Or you can buy a cake off of Chewy and just not include the happy birthday sign. And obviously for your guests who walk upright, you can make bone-shaped cookies or something like that. Perhaps a "pup-eroni" pizza would be a cute idea? But let's be real, they'll be there for puppy snuggles. Food will be secondary.

And if none of that has convinced you, look at these picture perfect reveal moments. How could you not want to throw a reveal after these adorable shots?

He just looks so happy to be alive.

Puppy love, for sure.

The ribbons are too much for my heart to take.

Picture perfect.

Do you see her trying to get in on that kiss? I'm not crying, you're crying.

The little tongue!! Ahh!

So bottom line. Gender reveal parties are out. Puppy reveal parties are in. Go rescue a dog today by looking at, where you can search for specific breeds and animals in your location. Then have a fabulous puppy reveal party for all of your family and friends — and for cute pictures you can post on Instagram. Remember, puppies are actually almost as hard as babies (it's true, I've had both), so maybe an older dog may be a good fit for you and your reveal party. Do your research and have fun!

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