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Fans Are Already Tired Of Cam On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Cam never stood a chance on The Bachelorette. When you walk in with a motto that includes your name, it follows you, and in Cam's case, it followed him all the way to Mexico on Bachelor in Paradise. Before he even arrived, some of the men talked about how obnoxious they thought he was and the fan reactions to Cam on Bachelor in Paradise are no better.

Cam goes into these situations with an open mind and such confidence that it's hard to knock what he's doing. But when his intro packet includes a rap and he wears a leopard print shirt to Paradise, it’s hard to give him the benefit of the doubt. Even with a few stray tweets positively comparing his rap to Jed's music on The Bachelorette, there are tons more that point out everything cringey he did on the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 premiere.

There is still time for Cam to redeem himself this season, but when he talks to some of the women about their hypothetical future children, it's a lot for fans to handle. Clearly, Cam was brought to Bachelor in Paradise to be the comic relief and if he isn't careful, the women are going to find it just as hard to take him seriously.

Cam's original motto on The Bachelorette was "Always Be Cam." It made fans cringe then and it makes them roll their eyes now. Even though he changed it to "Always Beach Cam," it might make more sense to now stand for "Always Be Cringing." I said what I said.

You have to admire Cam's confidence, however. He asserted himself with both Tayshia and Kristina to put himself out there. Unfortunately, he tends to come on a little strong. Talking to producers about the kind of mother he thinks Kristina might someday be is probably a no-no if he wants to win her over.

Cam only lasted until week three on Hannah's season of The Bachelorette, but he made an impression there as easily as he's already making his Paradise presence be known. The week he was sent home, Cam interrupted Mike multiple times while he was trying to open up to Hannah with an important story from his past.

Later, Cam talked to the other guys about telling Hannah his own heartfelt story and he was accused of trying to get a pity rose. It didn't work, however, and Hannah sent him packing before he could get under the other guys' skin even worse than he already had.

Cam could be on Bachelor in Paradise to give himself a second chance at making a better impression on Bachelor Nation. So far, though, he hasn't done a great job of changing anyone's mind about him, including those of fans.

In an interview with Fansided, Cam explained his side to the story of how he was eliminated on The Bachelorette and said he might fare better in the Bachelor in Paradise atmosphere. He also said that the villainous vibe he gave off on Hannah's season was unintentional.

"I got accused of being calculated, but in my opinion, in that setting, when your timing is so limited, you kind of do have to be strategic and calculated," he said. "You can still be organic and go with the flow, but you kind of have to create time. When you do get that time, you better have a general idea of what you want to talk about."

Hopefully Cam can better manage his time on Bachelor in Paradise and make a genuine connection or two rather than spend his time fighting other men for time with the same woman. You would hope he learned from his mistakes with the whole "ABC" thing, but fans don't seem to have a lot of hope for him.