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Reactions To The Night King Killing Viserion On 'Game Of Thrones' Prove It's A Terrible Loss

By now, we've all mourned the loss of Ned Stark and have pretty much gotten over the Red Wedding (although the North will #NeverForget), but one of the saddest losses just happened, and fans are feeling it. So it's no big surprise that reactions to the Night King killing Viserion on Game of Thrones show total devastation on the part of dragon-lovers everywhere. Their responses prove this is one of the worst losses fans have been dealt from the show.

Once the Night King got ready to aim his ice spear with the skill of an experienced Olympic javelin thrower, it was clear that things were about to get very bad. But even when the spear hit Viserion and literally exploded into his scales, it wasn't a definite death, since earlier in the season Drogon was pierced with an arrow from Cersei's Scorpion. When Viserion crashed onto the ice, though, and Drogon and Rhaegal cried out for him, it became clear that the Night King had killed him, and there was no saving Daenerys' dragon.

By now, most of us should be pretty desensitized to all of the killing on Game of Thrones and the loss of beloved characters, too, but since so many favorites have been narrowly escaping certain death lately, losing Viserion was a shock. Not to mention what it might mean for Viserion moving forward.

There's been a lot of talk of the possibility of ice dragons on Game of Thrones since book readers knew of them from being mentioned in the books here and there. And since we haven't yet seen anything remotely close to that on Game of Thrones, fans have almost expected one to eventually die to come back as the first Game of Thrones dragon wight. Finally, it looks like they're going to get that with the Night King killing Viserion.

Losing Viserion on Game of Thrones Sunday night was like when you see animals die in movies or on TV. It was heartbreaking and unexpectedly brutal, and the reactions to the Night King killing Viserion show how hard fans felt it.

Game of Thrones Season 7 has been without some big deaths to devastate fans, and as hard as some of them have been in the past, we were long overdue for a big loss. Viserion is that big loss, even though his death was also necessary for Daenerys to want to kill the Night King and his army as much as Jon does. The Mother of Dragons will not take too kindly to a certain undead king killing one of her children.

Daenerys has said on a few different occasions that her dragons are like her children and that they're the only children she ever expects to have. Now that the Night King killed Viserion, it's definitely on.