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'Santa Clarita Diet' Season 3 Theories That'll Make You Hungry For What's To Come

I don't think anyone expected Season 2 of Santa Clarita Diet to be any less gruesome, gory, and legitimately funny than its first season. But somehow it ended up exceeding my expectations. It also left me hungry for more, which means there’s no time like the present to start thinking about Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 theories. Surprisingly, things ended on a hopeful note for Joel and Sheila, without handcuffs or psychiatric wards for either of them, so score one for the Hammonds, am I right?

There was already an undead-fueled attack within the first 15 minutes of the season, which set the tone of bloodshed and death for the duration of Season 2, including another “zombie” in Eric’s would-be girlfriend, Ramona. But there were also developments with Gary, who Sheila previously killed and ate (well, not entirely) and his talking zombie-fied head that was left behind. Then there was Anne, who spent the entire season trying to figure out who’d killed Gary and Dan in their neighborhood. She finally confronted Sheila and Joel, only to literally get on her hands and knees to sort of praise Sheila. I know, as Gary’s head said at the end of the finale, "Things just got f*cking weird." But with all of the changes and, well, weirdness, comes plenty of theories for Santa Clarita Diet Season 3. Let’s just hope there is one and if the writers need material I've got plenty of ideas. For example...

Anne Will Work With Sheila & Joel

After Anne fell to her knees with the belief that Sheila is being used to do God’s work, it became clear that she’s not going to pursue any criminal charges with the undead realtor. Instead, she may even help Sheila procure brains and prove to be a helpful ally to have.

Gary Will Be Back With The Jokes

A huge part of the charm of Season 2 was easily Gary. Or, the head of Gary, which is also undead but can’t exactly hunt, kill, or eat anyone. In death, he proved to be much more likable and even funny, with plenty of one-liners that were somehow even better coming from the mouth of a guy with no body. He wanted to die at the end of Season 2, but I feel like they kept him alive to be able to continue his bromance with Joel going into Season 3.

Rick Will Be Brought In On Sheila’s Secret

Although Rick and Joel were once very close, Joel’s struggles to keep Sheila’s condition a secret sort of led to their demise as friends. But in an A.V. Club article, Andrea Reiher wrote that it would really "spice up Season 3" to have someone like Rick brought in on the secret. Granted, Anne is probably going to be another person in their inner circle, but can Rick please get a break too?

They Discover More Infected People

With the discovery of the clams in Season 2, it brought about the very real possibility that others are likely infected — if not in Santa Clarita, then in California as a whole. With the law finally on Sheila’s side to help her cover things up and keep the authorities at bay, Season 3 could be the perfect time to bring in more infected people living with the virus, much like Sheila has been doing.

Ramona Returns To Santa Clarita

Speaking of the infected, Ramona may have left town, but she’s also still one of the only other undead characters that we know of. As KrispyDymond wrote on Reddit, Ramona could become much more feral over time. This could lead to a scarier zombie type and if she comes back to Santa Clarita she could prove to be a worthy adversary for Sheila.

Eric & Abby Become A Thing

In the middle of all of the death, blood, and parental incompetence, Eric and Abby finally kissed and revealed some of their true feelings for each other. Maybe this will pave the way for the awkward teenagers to, dare I say it, be boyfriend and girlfriend? Even Facebook official?

Anne Will Start A Cult

Personally, I was getting very worship-y vibes from Anne at the end of the Season 2 finale when she asked Sheila how she could serve her. In Redditor CzarOfTorture’s theory for Season 3, Anne could start a cult of sorts to follow Sheila. I’m not sure how a religious following could survive the duration of Season 3, but it would definitely shake things up and make for some more uncomfortable humor.

With an easygoing dark comedy like Santa Clarita Diet, there are honestly so many places you could go. Because Season 2 managed to keep the story as intriguing, if not more so than the first, I don't see why a jam-packed Season 3 wouldn't be next for the show.