'Scream Queens' Theories About Wes That Explain His Return To The Show

Moving to a strange new town and watching your daughter's friends get killed off one by one as she is pursued by a killer herself can make anyone go a little crazy. So is that what happened to Grace's dad, Wes, on Scream Queens? He's set to return to the dark comedy Tuesday night, which may mean that he has something to do with the Green Meanie. At least, some of the Scream Queens theories about Wes that put him at the scene of the crimes say so. Why else would he be returning now, right after it was revealed that there is a third Green Meanie lurking about?

The last time viewers saw Wes, he was dating Dean Munsch after finding out that his girlfriend was the mastermind behind the Red Devils on the Wallace University campus. Really, things were pretty calm for Grace's dad. But when Season 2 began, both Grace and Wes were noticeably absent, and neither of them were spoken of by other characters, not to even explain where they'd gone or why they were staying away.

And until now, you could have chalked it up to the characters conveniently forgetting about the two of them. But now that Wes is returning to Scream Queens, something else entirely is obviously going on. Such as...

He's There To Win Back Dean Munsch

In the promo for Tuesday's episode of Scream Queens, Wes is back and more in love with Munsch than ever, as is made clear by the shot of them in bed together. They were a couple at the end of Season 1, but when Season 2 of Scream Queens premiered, they were no longer together and she was doing her own thing as a strong and independent woman. So maybe Wes's intentions in returning are purely to win over his former girlfriend again.

He's Looking For Grace

There are just a few episodes remaining of the season and there have still been no Grace sightings. With the return of her dad, you have to expect there to finally be at least a mention of her to remind viewers that she does exist. And maybe the perfect way to reintroduce her (and later reveal her as a Green Meanie?) is for Wes to show up looking for her.

He Wants To Destroy The Hospital

According to SlasherNerd on Reddit, Wes might be returning to Scream Queens to win over Munsch again yes, but also to destroy the hospital in the process. According to the theory, if he can destroy the hospital, then Munsch would be forced to go running into his arms. And what better way to destroy it than to go on a murder spree, right?

He's There To See Hester

In case you've forgotten, Hester is actually Wes's daughter, though after the big reveal it was never really touched upon again. Still, Hester is one of the babies from the bathtub of Season 1, making her his daughter. And now that Hester is also roaming the halls of the C.U.R.E. Institute freely, maybe Wes is there to confront her and, in a twisted way, get to know her better.

Both Wes and Grace were two of the main non-returners for Season 2 of Scream Queens, but hopefully with Wes's comeback, however short it might be, their absence will be more than made up for. At the very least, let's hope it's not simply for the purpose of a gratuitous death that isn't a Chanel.