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Serena Williams Asked Fans About Push Presents & They Literally Delivered

Serena Williams and her fiancé, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian welcomed a baby girl in September. And while the couple have been busy getting accustomed to the scheduling changes that come with parenting, it seems something else might be on the tennis champion's mind as well. On Saturday, after sharing an adorable snapshot of daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., Williams asked fans about push presents. And now I'm wondering if she has something specific in mind.

Push presents have become a real thing in the past few years. For those of you who have never heard of push presents, they are gifts your partner gives you for giving birth. Because it's hard work, of course, and your push present to them was a whole human being. The giving of a push present has been on the rise in the United States in the past few years, but it's still not as mainstream as one might think. Some women seem to get the push presents, while others just get to push a baby out and that person is their present. It's a curious thing, I suppose, and a mystery Williams appeared keen to solve. In an Instagram post on Saturday, Williams asked fans:

Ladies is a "push present" a thing? If so what did you get if anything?

To get the conversation started, she hooked her fans by sharing an early morning selfie with her sweet little girl.

The answers from fans ran the gamut. Some women, like Instagram user _nicolebeth, admitting that yes, push presents are a thing. But no, they didn't get one.

Push present is a thing for many people, but we didn't do it--husband is a jeweler, sells push presents to other people, and it still felt weird to both of us!

Instagram user ladyleti46 wrote:

Definitely didn't get a gift unless you call "it's a girl balloon" a gift....Lol

While user cbidetti seemed none too happy about coming out of her pregnancy (somewhat) empty-handed.

Nothing. Even after having the worst labor and delivery ever, my husband said our daughter (who nearly killed me) was our present.

User madamkd got a push present of "Stretch marks and loose skin," a push present pretty much all moms get, I guess.

Other moms wrote they had indeed received push presents, and most of them were pretty happy about it.

dr_ivy06 wrote:

Yes it is!! I got additional wedding bands for each child! We put in hard work!! Your baby is beautiful!! Blessings 💖

User trakiapretia wrote:

It’s definitely a thing I got a new truck.😊

Another user shared that her husband had been especially generous with her:

I received a beautiful necklace from my husband which had my daughter’s name, his name, and a heart inscribed in it. It’s a great sentiment which helps me remember my little trio family of love.

No word yet on what Ohanian may have gotten Williams, or if they decided to do a push present at all. Either way, the new mom seems to be having a pretty good time just getting her mom groove on. I mean, she was actually excited to buy diapers on Monday.

If Ohanian is looking for push present ideas, he might want to look to some of Williams' fellow celebrity moms. Singer Pink got a new motorcycle (that is just so Pink) after giving birth to her son from husband Carey Hart. Rapper Kanye West got wife Kim Kardashian-West a tiger diamond ring worth $770,000. And Williams' pal Beyoncé reportedly received a blue diamond ring after giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy back in 2012.

So no pressure, I guess....

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