These Slippers That Look Like Your Dog Will Totally Freak Out Your Real Pet

I have always had a dog. They're essential to my life and my sanity. My dog is quite possibly perfect, and I've been known to obsess over her. Seriously, her haircuts cost more than mine do. It's no wonder that I would search high and low for fun stuff that shows off my love of my doggo. More and more, companies are catching on to just how obsessed some of us are with our four-legged companions, and a niche market of personalized pooch products have been popping up — like these slippers that look like your dog that I just have to have.

Aptly named "Cuddle Clones," these slippers are made from pictures of your very own pupper (or cat, they're not discriminatory), to look just like your companion — down to the spot over their left eye, or funny bent ear. However, all that cuteness comes at a premium. These fuzzy friends cost $200, and take eight weeks to get to you. So if you're planning on immortalizing your family pet for a special person's birthday or other time-sensitive occasion, make sure you give yourself plenty of time between order and delivery (and plenty of cash, because shipping is not free).

A brief time spent in the FAQs section of Cuddle Clones sent me to a place I never thought I'd be. And I'm not going to lie, it's both awesome and creepy AF. Apparently, plenty of people have asked them to use their dog's own fur to make their clones enough times that it warranted its own answer for the masses. If you are wondering (as I am sure you are) no, they cannot make your slippers from your dog's own fur. Which is probably good, because if you spill your bottle of water on them, do you really want to walk around smelling of wet dog? No, no you do not.

Cuddle Clones is actually a pretty wonderful company, even if their slippers are on the pricey side. Their primary specialty other than slippers and golf club covers is making plush clones of pets, which could be a very warm and thoughtful gift for someone who has just lost their best friend. Sometimes, it helps to have something to cuddle that reminds you of your beloved pet. They also make custom urns and products to hold the cremains of your animal family. That is admirable and quite heartwarming when you think about it. If you want, they can put the cremains directly into the plush itself.

The slippers that look like your dog are one of many silly, fun novelty items they make along with personalized puppy Christmas stockings ($129) and purses that look like your dog, for when you just can't get enough of your pet ($199). Although, I'll admit, I'm tempted to buy the purse and carry my dog in it just to see what people say on the subway. "Is that a shih tzu in a shih tzu purse?" Why yes it is. Isn't it the cutest thing you've seen all day? Although my dog, Montana Wildhack, might not be down for it. She really prefers to take the car places. The train is terrifying and there are too many smells. (We all feel that way, doggo.)

If you're looking to splurge on something hilarious for a dog lover, or you just can't live without these slippers that look like your dog, don't worry that you'll be stuck with them if they don't turn out well. Cuddle Clones has a reasonable 30 day return policy on their items, minus rush shipping. So if your dog's best side isn't captured, or if they don't fit, you're not immediately out $200.

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