10 Holiday Gifts For Dog Owners Who Would Rather Hang Out With Their Pup Than Anybody Else


If you're a dog owner then you know the holidays can only mean one thing — what should I get my furbaby? They don't require much and yet we just want to shower them with gifts because we love them so tremendously. Plus, it's way more fun to spoil the dogs than it is the kids, because let's face it, dogs are always grateful and they can't talk back. Of course, they can't gift back, either — so it's up to other humans to give pet parents the presents they deserve. To that end, here are 10 gifts for dog owners that just might spoil dogs a little, too.

There are so many fun, new gadgets for dog owners and their pets to try together, from an automated tennis ball launcher for those pups who are fetch-obsessed (and those owners whose arms are getting pretty tired of throwing) to pet cams with 2-way audio (just imagine the viral videos to be made!). There are also tons of customizable gift ideas, so you can be sure you're giving a truly special, one of a kind gift to the pup owner on your holiday gift list — or heck, maybe yourself. After all, you — and your pup — deserve a treat this year, too.

1. GoPro Fetch Harness

GoPro Dog Harness



This dog harness features camera placement options on both the back and chest for different vantage point options. Harness is adjustable and is sized to fit dogs from 15 to 120 lbs.

If you've ever seen the video of the dog stealing the GoPro, then you know exactly why these are amazing. With different camera angles, owners can see what life is like from their view. This harness has different camera placement options to better capture pups doing all kinds of fun dog activities like chewing, playing, running, catching — you get the picture.

2. Chic Pet Carrier

Naiver Fashion Pet Carrier



Airline approved small tote bag for dogs and cats.

Know a dog owner that just can't leave their best friend at home? This pet carrier tote bag will allow them to take their little companion everywhere without sacrificing style.

3. Dogs On Instagram Book

Dogs On Instagram, Hardcover Book



Available in hardcover, paperback and e-book.

Who doesn't have a favorite Instagram dog? Some of my favorite dog friends — that's right, I said "friends" — are from the gram and Facebook, so definitely check this out to see if any of your dog owner friend's favorites are there too.

4. K9 DNA Test

DNAffirm Dog Breed Test Kit



DNA-based insights that may help you understand your dog's unique appearance, behaviors and wellness needs.

If you know someone with a mixed breed who's curious about what breed (or breeds) their dog is, a DNA test will reveal all kinds of specific behaviors and needs.

5. Custom Storybook Featuring Your Pup

Petlandia Story Book



Personalize an adventure-filled storybook for 1 or 2 pets or embark on a journey with Grumpy Cat.

How cute is this little storybook starring your pal's pup — or pups. There are different personalized merchandise options too, like T-shirts, mugs and wrapping paper, making any dog a real star.

6. Custom Pop Art

Customized Pop Art



Customized dog portraits by Marion Delauzun on Etsy

If you'd like to add some artwork that honors a friend's pup, custom art like this Andy Warhol style piece by artist Marion DeLauzun is perfect. But whatever style you're looking for, you can find tons of options on Etsy.

7. Personalized Doggy Socks

Custom Christmas Dog Socks


My Photo Socks

Create customized socks with your dog's happy little face.

Keep someone's feet toasty warm with these custom puppy socks, which might just be the cutest thing ever.

8. Memory Foam Pet Bed

Casper Dog Bed



Memory foam dog bed designed by Casper.

If you have a friend or relative who's always complaining about their dog climbing into bed with them at night and hogging all the real estate, this luxury pet bed might just be their ticket to having a humans-only sleeping space again.

9. Pet Stairs

Teddy Pet Steps


Grandin Road

Help your little guy (or girl) get into bed safely with these pet steps.

Perhaps you've got a pal who doesn't mind sleeping with their pet but doesn't love having to help them in and out of bed at night. These stairs are an easy solution for all!

10. Pet Camera With Treat Dispenser

PetCube Bites Pet Camera



Pet camera with 2-way audio and treat dispenser.

I saved the best for last. This pet camera not only allows owners to see their furry friend, but it allows for 2-way audio so people can actually talk to their pet while they're out and about... and even give them a treat!

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