This Video Of Kids Getting Their Photo Taken With Michael Myers Is Weirdly Hilarious

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you combined the horror of Halloween with that most sacred of Christmas traditions — getting your picture taken with Santa Claus? Me neither, but now that I've seen the results, I really cannot unsee it. Because Jimmy Kimmel decided to try a little experiment ahead of the big holiday on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and the results are... darkly entertaining. The late night talk show host invited some kids to get their picture taken with Halloween's Michael Myers and I'm really sorry that I laughed. Like, maniacally. Alone in my living room. Far harder than I should.

In honor of the recently revamped Halloween movie, which is back in theaters and apparently scaring the pants off of everyone, Kimmel thought it might be fun to invite parents to bring their kids in for a photo op. Which would have been way more confusing to the kids than their parents, apparently.

As Kimmel notes in the opener of the video, which was shared on Wednesday, "Halloween has one of the most iconic movie villains in history, Michael Myers, who is very well known to adults but maybe not as much to kids." He proceeded to ask parents to bring their kids in for a Halloween picture "the same way you would take a picture with Santa or the Easter Bunny."

Except this time... they would be cuddling up to Michael Myers.

In the video, you can see kids entering the dark and smoky room looking a little nervous, as per TIME. Especially once they get a gander at Michael Myers in his terrifying mask and unfashionable jumpsuit. The first little boy mumbled to himself "this is spooky" as Myers put his hand on his shoulder and slowly walked him over to his chair.

The second boy, slightly older, just said "Oh s**t" and started to back away when Myers approached.

My favorite? One little girl who wasn't remotely concerned. She smiled for the camera and even moved in to hug Michael Myers. Who tried hard not to hug her back but I bet he wanted to.

Jimmy Kimmel Live/ YouTube

The last little girl, however, walked in, saw Myers and simply said "Nope" before walking out.

Of course, this isn't the first time Jimmy Kimmel has been the master of pranking small children since he first started his annual challenge "I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy" back in 2013. If you've never watched one of these videos, do yourself a favor and watch this one. It's sort of cringe-worthy, especially when kids start to spiral out of control, but then there are the kids who are sweet that make it all worthwhile. Plus let's face it, a few of the kids curse and that always makes for excellent entertainment in my books.

I'm not sure what happened to Jimmy Kimmel to make him want to prank kids every Halloween. And I'm not sure if it's OK for me to laugh as much as I do every time.

But as long as he keeps making these videos, I'm probably going to keep watching them. Such is the circle of life.