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Hilarious Spencer Pratt Parenting Quotes

You know them as the villainous couple of the MTV reality show realm, responsible for such indiscretions as a starting a sex tape rumor about Lauren Conrad on The Hills and going by the quasi-celebrity moniker Speidi. But, having been married for more than eight years, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are entering another stage of their life together: They're expecting their first child. And while the maternal half of Speidi has consistently expressed her desire to start a family, Pratt has been more of a mixed bag. Which is exactly why, in a recent interview with AskMen.com, Spencer Pratt's quotes on parenting are hilarious and also sometimes a little poignant.

TV personalities extraordinaire Pratt and Montag announced they are expecting just last month, and updated fans soon after with the happy news that Montag will give birth to a little boy in October. But it wasn't always a sure thing that the couple would become parents, as Montag told Faithwire back in September. "I had to pray to get my husband to even… agree to have a kid," she said at the time. And when Montag told her husband that they would, in fact, be having a kid? Pratt's response was initially... interesting — and then, yes, even a little bit poignant, as he recalled the interaction to Us Weekly:

Heidi said, "I'm pregnant." I was like, "Whoa, that's way more exciting than banana bread!" ... The look on her face, I can't even describe it. She was literally glowing. I thought she was about to say she made muffins or banana bread.

And in speaking with AskMen.com's Kaitlyn McInnis, Pratt was equal parts silly and contemplative in anticipating the arrival of his son. The 33-year-old's answers and insights show that life with him for a father will certainly be interesting — and also that the baby-to-be and any future children Pratt and Montag bring into the world will have lots of love.

On How He's Feeling About Becoming A Dad

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Despite being originally unsure about whether he even wants to have kids, Pratt told McInnis he is now "over the moon" about the prospect. But he's much more confident about his wife's ability to raise a child than he is about his own:

I feel like I would be more nervous if my wife wasn't so prepared and serious about everything though. She's been reading all the books and doing all the homework for us. So, if she was like me… We'd be in a lot of trouble.

On Going To The Ultrasound Appointments

Editor’s Note: The YouTube video has since been deleted.

In short, Pratt's advice to other first time dads falls along the lines of "You'll want to be sitting down for this." For him, at least, the experience of seeing the baby on the monitor can be a bit overwhelming. "I recommend sitting or lying down because there's a good chance you will faint," he said. "I've fainted twice now." That's exactly why he predicts he'll have to sit in a wheelchair if he's present during the birth.

On Choosing The Baby's Name

In short, this social media master is planning on crowdsourcing his firstborn's name — and there will be a prize for the winner. "I’m gonna give them an iPhone 8 or something because I need a banger name," he said in the AskMen.com interview.

I have no doubt in my mind that Pratt and Montag will settle on a banger name, indeed.

On The Sex Of His Child

Editor’s Note: The Instagram post has since been deleted.

Before Pratt learned that he was having a boy, he wasn't really concerned about the baby's sex. In fact, he was deadly serious about that point, because he really, really just wants to have a healthy baby:

Like, who cares about gender. I just want my baby to be healthy and have a strong heart. I'm past gender. I just want a healthy baby...

But that he know he is having a boy, Pratt is psyched to share his jiu jitsu skills with him sometime soon.

On Splitting Baby Care Responsibilities

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Pratt anticipates that he'll be the one taking care of the baby when he cries at night, because he's the night owl in his marriage. But when it comes to doing some of the dirtiest work? "I definitely don’t see myself changing any diapers," he told McInnis. He was joking, though — because I think it's safe to say that such a blanket statement would not go over well with Montag.

On Encouraging Kids To Explore Their Talents

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Like any good parent, Pratt wants his son and potential other kids to soar — especially if that means not going the reality TV route. He still wants a "superstar," though:

I’m trying to make a superstar so I'm definitely gonna try and see what they’re best at — I’ll try out everything from dance to chess to squash to fencing to hacking… I'll definitely let them try out everything they can and see what they’re superb at.

With a dad like Pratt, little Speidi certainly won't be afraid to be himself and follow his passions — wherever they take him.