You Guys, There's Now A ~Magenta~ Frappuccino, & It Sounds Delicious

I'm a firm believer in the power of a hot afternoon cup of coffee, even in the dead of summer, but there's something that about iced coffees and Starbucks Frappuccinos that you just can't beat when it's sweltering outside. Bonus points: they're pretty and perfect for your Instagram feed. But if you're tired of the pink favorites from Starbucks and tired of waiting on a new magical creature-inspired drink, then it's time you up your game with Starbucks new magenta Frappuccino. (And yes, it's totally going to be a permanent menu item.)

As with most pretty drinks, Starbucks knows what works — layers. The magenta Frappuccino is officially called the Serious Strawberry Frappuccino with a swirl of strawberry fruit purée, followed by "the new, reinvented Strawberries and Créme Frappuccino," more strawberry purée, and vanilla whipped cream. Basically, it's dessert in a cup, but still really pretty. While the Strawberries and Créme Frappuccino isn't a new drink, this layered concoction is, but will stick around longer than the mystical Unicorn Frapp. Starbucks is adding this new magenta Frappuccino to their permanent menu on June 5, alongside recent new flavors like the Ultra Caramel and Triple Mocha Frappuccino beverages. So this summer, be prepared — you can slurp all the frozen flavors while you 'gram them.

I'm pretty much an iced coffee purist. If I'm craving the cold, caffeinated nectar of the gods, I go for a $2 iced coffee with cream and call it a day. But I'm human, you guys. Which means I'm not immune to the lure of a perfectly swirled, beautiful Frappuccino or iced blended beverage. And to be honest, now that I'm well into my second trimester of pregnancy, I'm really into the idea of something fruity, icy, and creamy to help me get through the summer. I mean, this magenta Frappuccino is basically a strawberry milkshake, but with real strawberry fruit swirled into it. I'm imagining slurping one of these down before my next ultrasound so the tech can be like, "You guys, I think your baby is actually a Rockette."

If you're also pregnant (or just hungry), you'll love hearing about the other new item Starbucks is releasing on June 5. In addition to the ever popular Bacon & Gruyere and Egg White & Red Pepper Sous Vide bites, there will now be Chicken Chorizo & Tortilla Sous Vide Egg Bites. Made with "antibiotic-free chicken chorizo, chipotle salsa, and corn tortilla strips," these new egg bites are definitely going to pack a protein punch. Also, they just sound really delicious. Even if you don't want to pair them with the new magenta Frappuccino (although that sounds totally perfect to me), you can grab yourself any coffee to pair with these new egg bites for a quick, easy breakfast. (Or snack. Or lunch. Or tiny dinner. I'm really not here to judge you.)

Like the magenta Frapp, these new egg bites will also become permanent menu features, so don't feel like you have to rush out on June 5 to grab one of each. And if you're unsure about all of the flavors of the Serious Strawberry Frappuccino, be sure to talk to your barista. If you want a lightened version, they may be able to accommodate you, and if you're like me and already wondering if you can get extra strawberry fruit purée, I'm sure they'll be happy to assist. Starbucks knows a lot about their customers, as proven by their new menu additions, and they know you want to be happy, caffeinated, and ready for Instagram. With this new magenta Frapp, you can be all three. (Plus you can be really cool for the summer.)