Stitch Fix Kids Now Offers Jammies, & The Styles Are *So* Cute & Classic

If you're a fan of the fashionable online clothing styling company Stitch Fix, you're going to flip out over their latest foray into children's clothes. Stitch Fix shoppers have loved the online retailer's expansion into children's clothing with their line Rumi + Ryder, but according to a statement from the company, more than 67 percent of Stitch Fix Kids customers have requested that sleepwear be added to their offerings. Well, you asked and Stitch Fix delivered. Stitch Fix Kids will now offer sleepwear and it is even more adorable than you can imagine.

I don't know about your kids, but mine stay in pajamas 99 percent of the time on days when we're lounging around the house. They absolutely love romping around in their jammies, so investing in quality sleepwear is something I take seriously. The new Rumi + Ryder pajama sets from Stitch Fix Kids offer one-of-a-kind sleep style for both boys and girls.

To create the new line, Stitch Fix relied directly on customer feedback to develop pajamas with the silhouettes, fabrics, styles, and colors that parents are forever searching for their kids to wear. When researching designs for the line, Stitch Fix found that sleepwear designs with dinosaurs and space-themed graphics appeal to both boys and girls, so they created options for both genders boasting roaring dinos and solar systems. This is amazing news in terms of inclusivity and encouraging girls to follow their passions and interests, no matter what society tells them they should be interested in.

Parents love the Rumi + Ryder collection for its versatility and mix and match capabilities. When you receive a curated Stitch Fix Kids box with Rumi + Ryder clothing, your kids are set with interchangeable pieces and can rotate through cool graphic tees, bold stripes, and colorful pieces for school and play. Stitch Fix stylists are pros when it comes to tuning into what you and your kids will love based on the questions you answer when you sign up for Stitch Fix, so its no wonder that they're taking Rumi + Ryder to the next level with the release of new additions to this stellar collection.

The new collection will not only include sleepwear sets, but activewear options for kids as well. This is amazing news for parents whose kids basically live in sports gear. Made from quick dry fabrics, you're definitely going to want to get your hands on the new kid-friendly activewear options from Stitch Fix Kids.

To celebrate the release of the new Rumi +Ryder sleepwear and activewear, Stitch Fix has pledged to donate $1 million in kids products to the charity Baby2Baby in order to help provide basic necessities to children in the United States who have been impacted by poverty, disasters, and domestic violence. The same organization has recently gained a ton of traction worldwide thanks to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who gave a shoutout Baby2Baby on their Instagram account after a grassroots campaign to donate to charitable organizations in celebration of the Royal Baby caught hold back in April.

To receive Rumi +Ryder pajamas and activewear from Stitch Fix Kids, be sure to let your Stitch Fix stylist know that you're looking specifically for these designs. Stitch Fix Kids offers a mix of brands that parents and kids love, so you're guaranteed to find quality kids clothes in every Stitch Fix Kids box delivered directly to your door. That goes double for their adorable new Rumi + Ryder pajamas.