Summersalt's Maternity Swimsuits Are Here At Last

Swimsuit shopping can be a harrowing experience for many people. Personally, I no longer step foot in a dressing room with swimsuits to try on, but rather order everything online so I can curse and cry in the comfort of my own home. Thank god for free returns. But you know what can be worse than swimsuit shopping? Swimsuit shopping when you're pregnant. It's safe to say maternity swimwear has not traditionally been amongst the cutest of garments. But behold, because Summersalt's maternity swimsuits have finally arrived and they're the best bathing suits for bumps we've seen in a long time

If you've been on social media lately you've likely seen (and been more than a little tempted to click on), the ads from popular swimwear brand Summersalt in your feed, a label which prides itself on diversity and inclusivity. As Summersalt's website explains, they calculated "over 1.5 millions body measurements from 10,000 women to inform the Summersalt fit." That's a lot of booties. They also claim to use recycled materials for fabrics and packaging, which is totally a practice we can get behind (see what we did there). And though they already had swimsuits made to fit all sorts of shapes and sizes, they had yet to launch a maternity-specific collection. Until now.

Since this collection is brand-new, there aren't any reviews on the site yet, but what we love about these suits is that they don't look like the maternity swimwear we've seen so often that scream, "I'm pregnant and here's a busy print that's supposed to be cute but actually isn't at all!" Rather, these solid color suits are subtle, provide just the right amount of coverage so you can still feel sexy, and they look oh-so-comfortable.

Since you can only order these suits online from Summersalt's website, you may be wondering about their return policy. As per their FAQ page, you can return or exchange your suit within 30 days of purchase as long as it's in "unused pristine condition with original tags attached and hygienic liners intact." As an aside, I once saw a woman in Las Vegas wearing a suit with the tag still attached and when her friend told her about it she just re-tucked the tag, clearly planning on returning it. So let's just say, thank god for that last note about the liners, because, ew.

And since sizing can always be a challenge when you're pregnant, we appreciate that Summersalt not only has a size guide, but also a size finder that recommends your ideal size in their suits based on your dress and bust measurements. Plus, the maternity suits are all adjustable, so as you grow, so can your swimwear.

With summer approaching faster than you can yell "put on your sunscreen!" to your kids while chasing them around the pool, this maternity collection is coming out at the perfect time. Currently, there are only two colors available (Black and Dust) but we're hopeful they'll expand their color selection for this line to match the variety available in their other collections.

So for all the mamas-to-be out there, do not lose heart. Your summer months need not be spent trapped in uncomfortable, un-all-the-things swimsuits. You deserve to soak up some rays (with SPF of course), splash in the pool, and show off your beautiful baby bump in a stylish, supportive, and comfortable bathing suit. Thanks to Summersalt, you can do just that. Now go out there and show 'em how much of a babe you (and your babe-to-be) really are!