Sweet 'Peppa Pig' Valentine's Day Specials The Whole Family Will Love

Between excellent chocolate to eat, cheesy greeting cards to open, and several amazing Peppa Pig Valentine's Day episodes to watch with your kiddos, it's perhaps safe to say you need no other plans on Feb. 14 this year.

Peppa — the little pig with the big heart and frequently sassy attitude cleverly concealed with a posh British accent — has become a favorite for kids and the adults who watch TV with them on both sides of the pond. The show has been on television in the United Kingdom since 2004 and in the United States since 2005, but the children's cartoon appears to have really taken off in recent years, to the point where many parents have reported that their children are starting to talk in little British accents like Peppa.

So as Valentine's Day approaches, little ones who are new to the tradition of setting aside one day to celebrate love in all of its different forms with candy and cards might need a guide. Someone who can show them what Valentine's Day is meant to look like. Someone like Peppa Pig. So to aid in just that, here are a few episodes to help them get initiated.

Hugs & Kisses (& Coughs)

In this episode, Peppa plays Little Red Riding Hood in a school play where everyone takes part. I don't want to spoil it for you but she might have a little kiss with Pedro and he gets a cough and the rest of the group starts to get a bit sick. The best part is when they all describe the medicine they have to take, one of them says "it tastes of carpet-flavored yogurt."

Peppa's little brother George also gets caught up in a love triangle when he finds out his friends Zuzu and Elly both have a crush on him.

Peppa Loves Goldie The Fish

Peppa struggles between her love for her fish and her concern for its health and her excitement about taking the bus, it's pretty gripping.

Romance For Mummy & Daddy Pig

The family visit the grandparent pigs to make an apple/blackberry crumble, picking berries and Mummy Pig gets rescued by Daddy Pig. It's all very romantic, even Peppa thinks her mother is like Sleeping Beauty.

Granny & Grandpa Pig's Turn

It seems Grandpa and Granny Pig's anniversary falls rather close to Valentine's Day and Peppa decides to buy them a present with one penny and a few buttons. Begrudgingly, I must say, she made it clear she would prefer a present for herself.

Peppa Pig's Valentine's Day episodes really do represent the drama and intrigue that is all different kinds of love. Whether it's her younger brother's love triangle, her own brush with a contagion, or the love between parents and grandparents, Peppa has you covered. Although what children will think of Valentine's Day after these episodes is a mystery.