Target Now Has Baby Clothes Subscription Boxes & OMG, Just Take My Money Now

For those who love to shop till they drop, looking for baby clothes is one of the best kinds of shopping. (I don't think I've ever seen a baby outfit I didn't think was adorable.) But for those who don't enjoy browsing racks on racks of teeny-tiny ensembles — and for those who don't trust themselves in a baby clothes store with a credit card — there is a super exciting new option on the market. Target is now offering a baby clothes subscription box, and it already seems freaking awesome in so many ways.

The Cat & Jack Baby Outfit Box is now available for order on Target's website. Here's how it works. After choosing girl or boy, select your baby's size. (Right now, it looks like anywhere from newborn to 12 months is available for boys, and anywhere from newborn to 18 months is available for girls, but sizes up to 24 months are supposed to become available, too.) You can either order the box as a one-time or recurring seasonal purchase, with a new box being mailed out for each new season, with items one size bigger than the last season. Each box costs $40, and if you subscribe from the start, you get 5 percent off. You can change baby's size for your upcoming box or cancel your subscription at any time.

Each box comes with 6 or 7 pieces that have yet to be released in stores, plus a surprise gift, according to Target's website. Any items that don't fit your child are completely returnable. The website doesn't mention if the items in the box come out cheaper than if a customer bought them all individually, but even if they don't, it's still pretty cool that subscribers get the outfits before they hit shelves. Target did not immediately respond to Romper's request for comment, but there is a statement on the website further describing the line:

Get ready for a little bit of everything. Our designers curated their favorite items of the season, making it super easy to style your little sweetie. From bodysuits & baby leggings to delightful rompers, all soft, comfy & perfect for snuggling. There’s even a sweet surprise to complete any outfit. Enjoy this special collection and consider reusing the box for storing baby clothes, diapers, and even those memorable keepsakes.

In case you're not familiar with Cat & Jack, the Target-owned label has a lot of great things going for it. Celebrity parents including Blake Lively, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, and Rachel Bilson seem to be fans of the brand, as they all attended Cat & Jack's summer 2016 launch event in New York, according to WWD.

And since the label's launch, it has cemented itself as a brand that cares about and caters to children with disabilities and disorders. In August 2017, Target launched a Cat & Jack line of sensory-friendly clothing designed for children with autism or sensory-processing sensitivities. The items in the collection are free of embellishments, tags, and zippers, and some of them also feature a loose fit and flat seams.

And a few months later, in October 2017, Cat & Jack dropped a line of clothing for kids with physical disabilities. Items in the collection include jackets that open on the side and have zip-off sleeves that make dressing a kid in a wheelchair easier; pants for older children that will help conceal a diaper; tops with secluded openings in the front that help parents more discreetly access feeding tubes or catheters; and pajamas with hidden zippers to prevent kids from undressing themselves in their sleep. Both lines generated praise for making disability-accessible clothing more mainstream and fashionable. It's great that Cat & Jack is such a forward-thinking brand, and hopefully it will offer these accessible options in subscription boxes in the future.

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