Target's Halloween Succulents Are What Happens When Cute & Creepy Collide

by Lindsay E. Mack
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Combine the trendiest plants from Instagram with the spookiest holiday of the year, and the result is pure genius. Target's Halloween succulents are the creepy and cute decor you need right now. It's never too early to decorate for Halloween, and this spooky collection, which will be available in early September, deserves a place in your home.

Kicky little succulents have been the internet's favorite plant for a long time, in part because they're so hardy and easy to grow in just about any container. Scroll through any feed and there's sure to be a little succulent hanging out on a desktop, or a bunch of them arranged on a bookshelf. And because there's a ton of creative ways to DIY succulent planters, as noted in Bustle, these low-key plants can grow in old tea tins, Mason jars, and even birdcages.

In a move of total brilliance, Target took hold of this houseplant trend and made it super spooky. Their Halloween succulents are as cute and creepy as you might imagine. Some are simply realistic-looking faux succulents in adorable Halloween planters, including pumpkins and ghosts. But in a weirder twist, some of its other succulents include eyeballs, mouths, and even bones. These fanciful, freaky creations deserve a spot in your home this Halloween, and perhaps year-round if you're all about the haunted home look. Best of all, these succulents are all artificial, which is good news to anyone who struggles to keep even the hardiest plants alive. Read on to see which of Target's Halloween succulents should invade your home this year.


Ghost Halloween Succulent

This little ghost is ready to scare up a good time on your windowsill or desk top. Just look at those outstretched hands and try not to scream. The ceramic container and artificial plant should hold up for many seasons to come, too.


Skull Halloween Succulent

Standing at four inches in height, this little purple skull can fit just about anywhere in your holiday decor. Somehow, those sunken eyes and heart-shaped nose are more cute than spooky. There's a black skull Halloween succulent as well, in case you want to collect a garden's worth of them.


Blood Succulent Artificial Halloween Plant

Growing from their urn-shaped container, these carnivorous plants will certainly spook all your guests. Crafted from felt and plastic, this is the centerpiece every haunted home needs.


Black Cat Halloween Succulent

This black cat succulent lends a little feline charm to your decor. The glowing yellow eyes even match the succulent's leaves.


Pumpkin Halloween Succulent

Nothing says Halloween quite like a jack-o-lantern. This tiny succulent version is classic and perfectly on-trend all at once. And although it's artificial, the little succulent on top is pretty convincing.


Creepy Succulent in Black Pumpkin

I've heard that the hills have eyes, and apparently succulents do, too. This blue-eyed beauty stares right back at you from its little pumpkin container. Made from felt and polyresin, it's just realistic enough to be unsettling.


Creepy Succulent in White Pumpkin

This hungry little plant is happy to join in your Halloween festivities this year. And yes, that's a fake bone dangling over its mouth for added creepiness.


Creepy Succulent in Pumpkin Orange

Don't forget to feed this one. This creepy succulent looks like it might bite. Whether your taste in decor skews more cute or spooky, these creepy succulents from Target are the perfect Halloween decorations for any home.

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