Target's $10 Halloween Mugs Include Your Favorite Characters, & Are Selling Out Fast

Target must have searched my old collection of VHS Tapes before making this collection, because I am oh-so-excited to say that the new Target Halloween mugs include Mickey Mouse, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Snoopy. Oh, and they're only $10, y'all. Be still my nostalgic childhood heart. Did anyone else hold onto VHS Tapes of their childhood favorites in the hopes the VCR will come back in the same way vinyl records and music tapes did? Just me?

Just in case you don't still have your Mickey, Snoopy, and The Nightmare Before Christmas VHS tapes handy and still looking for some nostalgia in your life, the Halloween mugs' official release date is Aug. 22. But unfortunately, it looks like the preorders are already sold out, so you'll have to wait for the official release to snag some new stock.

But that just goes to show how awesome and sought after these adorable mugs are. Of course The Nightmare Before Christmas mugs are inherently spooky, given the movie's theme, and you can purchase them in either the Jack Skellington design or Sally design. And the Snoopy and Mickey mugs are definitely showing their Halloween spirit — with Snoopy in a mummy costume with white "fabric" around his iconic beagle nose, and Mickey in a fancy and festive Halloween suit, complete with a black hat with an orange ribbon, and an orange tie.

All of the mugs are ceramic and will make either an awesome collection piece, or just as a mug you can use every day. Also, I think they'd be the perfect mug to enjoy your own home brew stirred in with the new Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Creamer, also at Target.

Since the Mickey, Snoopy, and The Nightmare Before Christmas mugs are all sold out for preorders, can I interest you in the Darth Vader Skeleton Ceramic Mug, or the Harry Potter Cauldron Ceramic Halloween Mug? Both are also $10 and very on-point with the Halloween theme we have going on here.

If you feel like you have enough mugs (but seriously, who are you people?) Target also has Halloween-themed Mickey and Halloween-themed Snoopy cups. And Target is also selling this awesome "spooky-cute" To-Go Cup from Hyde & EEK! Boutique with a neon skull and bone print on the black mug with a silicone band. Because nothing is scarier than burning your hand when holding your hot mug of coffee. That wouldn't be a happy Halloween at all.

So if you're like me and have two cabinets dedicated to mugs alone, for one thing, you're probably a writer or avid reader. But also, and most importantly, you definitely need to go and get all of these Halloween mugs from Target as soon as possible. They're only $10 after all and hold 11 ounces of delicious coffee or tea. And they will look just boo-tiful as decoration (sorry, I had to) or as you sip from them while watching Hocus Pocus for the billionth time. But who's counting really? Target Halloween mugs, PSL creamer, and Hocus Pocus. What could be better?