Target's Holiday Camper Cat Scratcher

This Holiday Camper Cat Scratcher From Target Is Every Feline's Fantasy Hideout

Now your cat can enjoy those vacation getaway vibes without ever leaving the living room floor. Target's Holiday Camper Cat Scratcher is an adorable holiday hangout for your feline friend, and basically, your cat needs this right meow to get through the season stress-free. Yes, even cats need a little break from the festivities sometimes.

Of course you could help your pet get into the holiday spirit with a Santa hat or a reindeer sweater, but this is one present your cat will actually enjoy. Made from sturdy cardboard, this cheerful RV is a scratching post and napping spot all in one. It assembles quickly so your fluffy buddy has a second home in no time. If your cat already enjoys lounging around in cardboard boxes (and what feline doesn't?), then this is the upgraded version of that basic Amazon mailer.

In addition to making your cat happy, this RV also serves as a colorful piece of holiday decor for your home. Its teardrop shape is made to look like a retro travel trailer all decorated for the holidays, with strings of lights and everything. It's a clever design that'll bring a little old-school cool to your home. Just think of it as the ultimate tiny house that only your cat can enjoy.

Besides looking cute, the RV cat scratcher also serves two important functions. First, its built-in scratching pad encourages your feline to sharpen her claws in an appropriate place, i.e. not the Christmas tree or couch cushions. Your cat doesn't scratch on things just to be annoying; rather, she's filling an important need. "Cats scratch for a variety of reasons. It relieves anxiety; it’s a form of exercise; it hones their nails; it strengthens and stretches their muscles; it marks territory," Jennifer Conrad, DVM and founder and director of the Paw Project, told Pet Central. By providing your kitty with an appropriate place to scratch, she'll have a perfect outlet the next time she needs to flex her claws.

Next, the cat scratcher also gives your pet a safe place to hide, which can be especially comforting during the busy and boisterous holiday season. In reality, finding a great hiding space is part of your cat's instinct.

"Cats in the wild are always looking for nooks and crannies to rest in because what they want is to basically have five sides out of six protected," cat expert John Bradshaw, author of Cat Sense, told Catster. "That’s the ideal position for a cat to be in. So a cardboard box is a great place to be ’cause for five sides out of six nobody can get at you and you can keep an eye on the sixth one," Bradshaw added. If you have friends and family coming and going from the home all season long, then a brand-new cardboard box kept in some quiet part of the house is maybe the best present you could give to any kitty. Although Whiskers may not have to deal with the stress of holiday shopping or travel, she'll still appreciate a safe little hideaway spot this holiday.