Two boys playing with Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage Playset from Target

Get Your Credit Card Ready, Because Target's Holiday Toy Sale Has Everything

Although the holiday season is still a few weeks out, chances are you already have a few ideas about what presents your kids will want this year. Honestly, it isn't like kids are super subtle about the toys they really, really want. Thankfully, Target's holiday toy sale is very soon, including some super-popular brands. Fortnite, Baby Shark, and Frozen characters are just a few of the hot toys that will be offered at a discount.

Starting Sunday, October 27, Target is offering a huge selection of kid gifts for sale, according to the store's gifting catalog. Tiny race cars, interactive pets, and characters from major movies are all represented, so there's likely something on sale that your kid will adore. In addition, the sale prices will be valid until November 23, 2019, so you have a few weeks to enjoy the lower prices. At the very least, it gives you a couple of days to decide whether you really want to bring a singing Baby Shark puppet into your home.

In addition to the sale, you can also get discounts at Target a couple of different ways. For 25 percent off one toy or kids' book, text TOY to TARGET (827438) to get the coupon, which is valid in store and online from October 27 through November 23. Plus, you can join Target Circle to receive 25 to 40 percent off gifts with the Kids' Daily Deals. A new deal will be released every day from November 1 to November 27. Whether your kid is obsessed with collectibles, cuddly animals, or video games, there's likely something from their wish list going on sale at Target this late October and early November. The discounts are so exciting, you might do the Fortnite dance in the middle of the toy aisle.


Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth

Now even the toddler set can get in on the interactive pet trend. This cute sloth entertains with lights, songs, and music. It can even help your kid learn about numbers, colors, and the alphabet.


Shark Family Plush Puppet

This plush puppet could make an awesome gift for your kid obsessed with the Pinkfong sensation. When you move the mouth of this puppet, it plays the full English version of the "Baby Shark" song. The song even plays faster or slower depending on the speed at which you move the mouth, which is honestly pretty cool.


Disney 'Frozen 2' Follow Me Friend Olaf

For kids who are super hyped about the release of Frozen 2, this toy is the coolest. In a neat twist on the interactive toy trend, this friendly Olaf is activated by a snowflake-topped wand. Olaf also sings and says over 30 phrases.


Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs Real Rescue Electronic Pet

This cute pet invites your kid to really take care of it. Each box comes with a mystery pet that's only revealed after you wash, dry, and groom it. It's also programmed with over 30 sounds and interactions.


Owleez Interactive Pet

With over 100 sounds and movements, this interactive pet is perfect for kids who are all about owls. Best of all, Owleez can also fly, with what looks like a little helicopter mechanism under its head. (Watch out for your ceiling fans.) It also recharges on a cute little USB nest.


Cry Babies Pearly Gets Sick & Feels Better

Yep, even dolls have become super interactive lately. In fact, the Cry Babies dolls actually cry real tears. Your child can help her overcome a fever, and administer a little shot of medicine.


Fortnite Jumbo Loot Llama Pinata

If your kid is obsessed with Fortnite (and you will definitely know if they are), then this gift is beyond exciting. With 100 pieces of loot, including fully articulated Frozen Raven and Ice King figures, this pinata is packed with goodies for Fortnite fans. It's OK if you don't get it, because your kid will love every piece.


Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Armor

Now your kid can dress like their favorite character from Toy Story 4. The Buzz Lightyear armor has lights and a visor that closes. Designed for some super authentic play, it's even padded inside to keep your kid comfy.


Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Playset

Featuring parking for over 140 cars, as well as a jet plane, this is the ultimate playset for Hot Wheels collectors. The motorized elevator can move up to 23 cars at a time. And for an added dose of fun, the giant gorilla will try to swipe cars right out of the elevator.


MAGNA-TILES Clear Colors

This set of 74 building tiles can inspire hours of imaginative, creative play. The tiles can create both 2-D and 3-D structures, and they connect to one another easily. Build near a sunny window or use a flashlight to create a stained glass effect.

Characters from movies and video games, interactive pets, and super-cool building toys are only a few of the great gifts for kids on sale at Target. Whatever you plan to buy your kids for the 2019 holiday season, there's something here for everybody. Honestly, the only difficult part will be deciding where to hang the sweet Fortnite pinata.