Target's "More Than Magic" Line For Tweens Has Everything, & It's All Under $30

Just in time for the back-to-school season, Target is launching a new line just for big kids and it's every bit as sparkly and fun as you'd imagine. More Than Magic, Target's lifestyle brand for tweens, is launching on July 13, 2019, both in stores and online. Your kid will love rocking these clothes and accessories for the young and hip set, and there's something for most every taste and personality in the mix.

The newest addition to Target's own brand portfolio, More Than Magic is designed to appeal to kids at a very particular age. More Than Magic Target's very first full lifestyle brand, according to a press release, and includes everything from sportswear and gymnastics apparel to jewelry, beauty, electronics, and even stationery. Whether your kid would love a pair of matching BFF necklaces or a cool and whimsical journal, there's something for most every interest in this line.

To help design the items, Target interviewed many tween girls and their parents for insights. More Than Magic is designed for the kids who might be outgrowing Target's kid lines, but aren't quite ready for juniors yet. It's designed to be a fun, affordable way for kids from the ages of 8 to 12 to experiment with style and creativity.

More Than Magic has a little bit of everything, and even at launch this line is pretty massive: over 500 items are a part of More Than Magic's initial offering. In the apparel category, there's dancewear, athleisure, and pajamas offered in sizes 4 to 16. Basics such as tights, bras, and socks are also a part of the line. All items are $30 or less, so your kid can mix and match fashions while staying within most back-to-school budgets.

For today's tweens, electronic gear is a pretty crucial part of their daily lives. So phone cases, earbuds, headphones, and speakers are also a part of the initial line. (Really, can any kid have too many sets of earbuds?)

The "school" part of back-to-school shopping is also a huge part of what More Than Magic has to offer. From planners and notebooks to locker decor and pencil pouches, this line is also ready to take on the classroom. Honestly, the sequined pencil pouch is pretty rad.

Lastly, there's a whole line of beauty and self care products for the tween set included in the line as well: bath products, body gems, face masks, hair brushes, hair color, lip products, lotions, and nail polish. And, in case you had any doubts about the '90s revival, Target is indeed selling body glitter for tweens once again.

Although the marketing for More Than Magic is focused on tween girls, obviously any kid should feel empowered to choose from it. However your child identifies, it's fine to rock a pair of shorts or headphones from this line. (Also, could an adult woman buy something from the stationary line? Not going to lie, I enjoy that pom-pom pen.)

As your kid gets ever closer to the teen years, this line from Target is a fun and simple way to adapt to their changing style. Your kid can experiment with jewelry, sequins, glitter, and everything else tween-related thanks to More Than Magic.