Target's outside halloween decor

Target Has New Outdoor Halloween Decorations & There's A Unicorn Skeleton For $6

If you're super hyped for spooky season, then one store has your decorating needs covered. Target's new outdoor Halloween decor is here, filled with cool, cute, and downright creepy pieces for any space. Doesn't your front door need a few giant spiders, just to feel a little more festive?

Whether you're decorating a couple of windows, your patio, or an entire yard, these Halloween decorations can make a big impact without costing an arm and a leg. In fact, some cool pieces, including a pumpkin light projector and an inflatable ghost, are on sale for less than $15. Even better, there are a lot of original, creative creatures in the mix as well. Of course traditional pumpkins and bats are well-represented, but there are also more off-the-wall goods including a unicorn skeleton. (It's both incredibly cute and a little bit ghoulish.)

If you'd like a little more eerie inspiration, here's a guide to popular Halloween costumes for this year, including superheroes of all kinds and (of course) baby Yoda, according to Romper. For entertainment, check out Freeform's 31 Nights of Halloween with repeat showings of Hocus Pocus and plenty of other classic spooky movies, as also outlined in Romper. But when it comes to weird gear for your home and garden, look no further than Target's creeptastic outdoor Halloween decor.

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Color Changing Light Up Skull Halloween Decorative Prop

What's scarier than a regular skull? One that lights up. This little dude has eyes and a nose that light up and also change color, making it a perfect addition to your creepy collection.


Green Flickering LED Neon Rope Cat Halloween Light Up Decor

Add a little light show to your spooky decor. In the shape of a cat silhouette, these LED lights can glow steadily or flicker on and off. Whether you display it on a wall or hang it from a window, this light is a-meow-zing.


Inflatable Ghost

For a decoration that's more cute than scary, check out this little inflatable ghost. Something about the silly smile and outstretched arms make it pretty adorable. Plus, inflatable decorations are super easy to store away for next year.


Large Plush Orange and Black Spider Halloween Decorative Prop

At 50 inches wide, this leggy creature is one large spider. To make it even creepier, those striped legs are covered in in tiny hairs. This monster spider would look right at home in any section of your yard or garden.


Pumpkin LED Halloween Projector

One of the coolest holiday decorations to come out in recent years, light projectors are a fun way to totally change your home's vibe with just a little effort. The pumpkin LED projector will cast a giant jack-o-lantern on your front door or the side of your house. Set up is easy, too, because you just add batteries and turn it on.


Purple Flickering Bat Faux Neon Rope LED Silhouette Light

This bright purple bat will light up your Halloween. With both flickering and steady glow styles, it's a simple but modern take on spooky. The bat will add a little flair to any room in your house, and it's sturdy enough for outdoor use, too.


Skull Wreath With Light

Most wreaths are festive and welcoming, but this one is simply menacing. The light-up skull wreath certainly brings the spirit of Halloween right to your front door. Plus, there's 30 lights to make sure it's visible both day and night.


Small Unicorn Skeleton Halloween Decorative Prop

The most magical creatures of all get a spooky re-imagining with the unicorn skeleton. Made from a durable material for indoor or outdoor use, this little bony skeleton is equal parts cute and creepy. It's super-detailed, too, down to the bare teeth and empty eye sockets (shiver). When it comes to trendy and eye-popping Halloween decor, Target gets it.