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Teddy Told Owen She's Pregnant On 'Grey's Anatomy' & It's About Time

by Chrissy Bobic

After Owen flew to Germany at the end of last season and slept with Teddy, it was obvious that their long-awaited one night stand wouldn't be the end for them. And what better time to bring an unplanned pregnancy into the mix than now, when Owen finally has his life together with Amelia? But Teddy finally told Owen she's pregnant on Grey's Anatomy Thursday night and fans on Twitter were still shocked.

It's safe to say that most have been waiting for this big reveal ever since Teddy showed up at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital earlier this season. It was long overdue and now that the truth is finally out in the open, it's definitely going to rock Owen and Amelia's world.

Teddy told Owen mid-surgery that she's pregnant, so it probably wasn't the best time or place for the big reveal. But when it finally came out, it was like fans everywhere breathed a collective sigh of relief. But after all of the build-up, she could have picked a better place to get it out there. Now all that's left is for Owen to figure out how having a baby with his best friend will factor into everything else in his life. So no pressure, right?

Back in the day, a Teddy and Owen romance might have been what any fan could hope for. His marriage with Amelia was rocky from the start and their values never really aligned. Then Owen finally felt something romantic for Teddy and she kicked him out the morning after they slept together. It was very Grey's-like to get them together when the timing was all wrong.

It was also very Grey's-like for Teddy to wait until the worst possible minute to finally tell Owen about the surprise pregnancy that resulted from their one tryst. Once the shock wears off, I expect Owen to be excited about having a baby to raise along with his foster son, but like it was for fans everywhere, it was a big surprise to him.

Fans aren't shocked about the pregnancy since we've all known about it long before she blurted it out in that operating room. But how she did it was definitely a shock. I expected her to sit down with Owen and have a long talk about their friendship and his newfound relationship with Amelia — and maybe that was the original plan. But if Teddy kept going the way she was, she'd have been showing in her second trimester before she got around to telling him. It was a unique but maybe necessary way to rip the Band-Aid off.

It's hard to say where they go from here. Amelia and Owen's new relationship is so fresh and, in a way, still fragile. I don't know if Amelia could handle this big change, but Kevin McKidd, who plays Owen on Grey's Anatomy, told TV Insider that although Owen is "very committed to Amelia," this big reveal takes them for a spin. "Amelia and Teddy’s relationship is already charged, and things get intense among them all," he revealed.

Luckily, fans have two months to think about what will happen between Owen, Teddy, and Amelia when Grey's Anatomy comes back in January. Since they're all a lot older and wiser than they were when Owen and Cristina had a love triangle with Teddy, I like to think that they can make this work. But it's definitely going to be a challenge for all involved.

The important thing is that Teddy finally told Owen about her pregnancy. And since it was in an operation room, she won't have to make a baby announcement because it won't be long before the rest of the hospital hears about it. I just hope that Owen and Amelia can get through this and come out stronger together.