Here's A Video Of Chrissy Teigen Injuring Herself From Eating Too Much Hot Sauce

Last month, Chrissy Teigen tweeted that she had to visit a throat doctor after eating a little too much hot sauce during an interview on the YouTube talk show, Hot Ones. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the full video, so they could witness Teigen's descent into spice-dom. And now, the footage of Chrissy Teigen's full spicy wings eating session is finally here. So if you can put aside the scary fact that she needed medical attention afterwards, the interview is pretty damn entertaining.

On Sept. 21, Teigen tweeted a selfie, captioning it, "I did Hot Ones yesterday. Now I’m at my throat doctor." Hot Ones is a a web series created by the food news outlet First We Feast, in which host Sean Evans interviews a celeb over a plate of hot sauce-laden wings, Cosmopolitan explained. As each episode of the show goes on, the hot sauce gets hotter and hotter — and participating in the interview gets harder and harder. In another tweet, Teigen revealed that her eyebrows had "gone rogue" and that her tongue had become "too large for [her] mouth." Oy vey! She also shared that the Da Bomb hot sauce was the hardest one to stomach. "That’s the one that got me," she tweeted. "My tongue is literally ripped."

On Thursday, Oct. 4, Hot Ones dropped the full 25-minute episode with Teigen, which is the debut episode of the show's seventh season. In the beginning of the interview, Teigen declared: "I'm a wing freak, I'm a hot sauce freak, I'm a hot wing freak. I feel like we're gonna be OK, but who knows." About six minutes into the interview, her confidence levels were still high. "I almost wanna just jump to the end. We should've reversed it," she said. But a few minutes later, the hot sauce began to get spicier and spicier.

Around the 14:50 mark, Evans brought out the Da Bomb hot sauce. OK, you already know what's going to happen here. First of all, by this point, Teigen had been pouring extra sauce on each wing and licking it off instead of taking bites because her stomach felt full. (And also because it made sure she consumed larger amounts of each sauce. She didn't come to play.) After dousing a wing with Da Bomb, Teigen started to sweat. And continually reach for her water glass. And drink right out of the water pitcher. And continually wipe tears from her eyes. From that point on, Teigen began to have trouble getting through her answers to Evans' questions.

During the last few minutes of the challenge, Evans asked Teigen if she could demonstrate how to cut and pit an avocado. Teigen reluctantly grabbed a knife, and she narrated her process in a whisper (due to her fiery mouth). Despite her shaky voice and hands, she still managed to beautifully prepare the avo.

And then, after making it through the entire interview, Teigen finally got to eat what looked like a piece of celery. "Wow, that f—king monster," she said, referring to Da Bomb. "I don't know if I'll ever be the same after Da Bomb."

Teigen seems to have thoroughly enjoyed being on Hot Ones, despite the fact that it took her two weeks to fully heal from eating Da Bomb. "It took me two weeks of CBD pills to tame the constant twitching of my eyebrows after Da Bomb — but I’ve never had a better interview. I love you guys," she tweeted on Thursday.

So even though Da Bomb got her good, it doesn't seem like Chrissy Teigen plans to rule spicy foods out of her diet any time soon. Maybe this means Cravings 3 will be even spicier than Cravings 2.

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