The 2016 Amazon Black Friday Sales For Maternity Gear, So Moms-To-Be Can Avoid Stores

If there's one word moms-to-be revere above all others (besides sleep), it's convenience. Creating and caring for tiny humans is a big job, and anything that makes that job even a teensy bit easier is a God sent to new parents. Amazon must realize this, since the site created some amazing 2016 Amazon Black Friday sales for maternity gear. This means moms-to-be don't necessarily have to fight with the crowds the day after Thanksgiving, and that is certainly something to add to the growing list of things to be grateful for.

Here's the thing about Amazon's Black Friday deals — they're fantastic, but finding the best ones can prove overwhelming. Not that having too many deals to choose from is a bad thing — it's a pretty great problem to have. But since there isn't a designated maternity deals section in Amazon's Black Friday site, it does take some searching to zero in on the scores best suited for moms-to-be.

In order for you to spend more time satisfying your Thanksgiving holiday cravings and less time sifting through the long list of deals, here are some of the best Black Friday maternity deals you'll find on Amazon until the weekend comes.

For The Prepared Mom-To-Be

JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag, $65, Amazon

Diapers? Check. Bottles? Check. Wet wipes? Check. An adorable diaper bag to stow all of baby's supplies in? Check, thanks to this JJ Cole satchel diaper bag.

For The Breastfeeding Mom-On-The-Go

Corewill Privacy Baby Nursing Cover, $10, Amazon

When mom is out and about and baby needs to eat, baby covers are perfect for discreet feeding sessions. Plus, since they are easy to store, you can stash one or two in your diaper bag so you'll never be without (hey, babies get hungry a lot). This Corewill Privacy baby nursing cover (marked down to $10) is the definition of a bargain, as it's normally $30.

For The Breastfeeding Mom At Home

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Starter Set, $25, Amazon

There's a reason they call breast milk "liquid gold" — it's practically priceless to new moms. Having a good system for expressing and storage isn't just convenient for feedings, but pumping also helps keep mom's breast milk supply flowing. This Lansinoh breastmilk storage and feeding starter set (marked down to $25.49) makes a great gift for new moms.

For The Soon-To-Be Mom

Nursing Pads by Corewill, $12, Amazon

Most new moms, at some point or another, will spring a lactation leak. Sometimes it's at home,and sometimes it's when you're in the middle of a crowded party full of friends and coworkers. Either way, avoiding such visible milk spots on your blouse is far easier if you keep a supply of nursing pads at the ready. These reusable, washable, natural bamboo nursing pads by Corewill (marked down to $11.89) are shoo-ins for myriad reasons: namely, they're super-soft and marked down 59 percent.

For The Sleep-Deprived Mom-To-Be

HIO SLEEP Total Body Pillow, $50, Amazon

Want to earn a mom-to-be's love and devotion for the rest of your days? Get her a maternity pillow. Seriously, these things may be the greatest invention since sliced bread. Especially — and I mean especially — when they are marked down an astonishing 75 percent for Black Friday, like this HIO SLEEP Total Body Pillow (marked dow to $49.99). There is no greater gift you can give a mom-to-be than the gift of a sound night's sleep.

For The Stylish Mom-To-Be

Mama & Little Olivia Teething Necklace, $16, Amazon

There's more to this necklace than meets the eye. Not only is it a style statement that will make moms-to-be and new moms feel beautiful wearing it, but it also pulls double duty as a teething stress reliever for babies once they start cutting their first little teeth. Made of 100 percent food-grade silicone and dishwasher-safe, this Mama & Little Olivia teething necklace (marked down to $16) is a win-win. Although the specific markdown info hasn't yet been released, it has already been flagged as a Prime Early Access Deal for Black Friday.

For The Watchful Mom-To-Be

VicTsing Baby Back Seat Mirror, $18, Amazon

Any new parent will tell you that the ride home from the hospital is the most terrifying time of your life. Typically one parent will sit in the back with baby to assuage irrational fears from being separated from your little one, but it's still scary. Put a mom-to-be's mind at ease by picking up this VicTsing Baby Back Seat Mirror (marked down to $17.99) so she can go ahead and get the car ready for that daunting ride once baby is born. At 28 percent off, you can't really go wrong.

For The Sentimental Mom-To-Be

"Sweet Sparkle" Memory Book, $24, Amazon

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. So a picture book that you can fill with words is priceless. As part of their 2016 Black Friday sales, Amazon is offering up to 20 percent off Carter's Memory Books so that moms-to-be can document everything from baby showers and milestone dates (first flutter, first ultrasound, etc) on precious pre-designed pages. This "Sweet Sparkle" Memory Book ($24) makes a great pick.