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The 2016 Babies R Us Black Friday Sales That'll Make Moms & Babies Very Happy

Ahh, the holidays . . . 'tis the most wonderful time of the year for many reasons. And among those reasons are the over-the-top shopping deals you can score. Need proof? The recent release of the 2016 Babies R Us Black Friday sales makes being a new parent (or trying to find a gift for one's precious baby bundle) a delightfully affordable experience. After all, Babies R Us is a one-stop baby supply shop on an average day — on a day when the store deeply discounts everything from diapers to Play-Doh, it's basically the stuff of every parent's dreams.

Making the sale even more enticing is the fact that you don't have to leave home to take advantage of the 2016 Black Friday shopping hoopla. Beginning at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Nov. 23, you can simply go online and snag sweet deals. If you're worried about shipping costs, don't — Babies R Us offers free in-store pick-up or free holiday shipping on purchases of $19 or more.

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Of course, if you still haven't hit your holiday shopping quota by the following morning and are feeling froggy, you can hop on over to your local Babies R Us on Thanksgiving day to shop for door-buster deals from 5 p.m. until midnight.

Here are some of the savings you can expect to cash in on either online or in-store during the Babies R Us Black Friday sale.

For Active Play

Not only do babies enjoy playtime, but it is also important for their development. Toys like this Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker ($11.99; marked down from $19.99) dazzle little ones with hands-on activities, light-up buttons, and sing-songy sounds. So here's the happy news: for Black Friday, Babies R Us is marking down all Fisher-Price Infant toys by 40 percent.

Fisher-Price Learn With Me Zebra Walker, $11.99 (Was $19.99), Babies R Us

For All The Changes

Are you sitting down? This is big news for parents with little ones. Thanks to a 40 percent price reduction for Black Friday, you can score a Super Pack of Babies R Us brand diapers ($11.99). That's 132 diapers for less than 12 bucks. Got a newborn in the house who burns through diapers like nobody's business? This deal has your name all over it. (In defense of infants, it quite literally is their business, if you catch the drift.)

Super Pack of Diapers, $11.99, Babies R Us

For Dress Up

Whether you're getting a leg up on Halloween costumes for next year or just want to add a few more ensembles to a special little girl's wardrobe, you definitely don't want to miss this Black Friday deal — all regular-priced Disney Princess and Frozen dresses are 50 percent off. Since Frozen 2 will likely hit theaters next year, you may as well do yourself a favor and pick up this sparkly Elsa outfit ($19.99; marked down from $39.99) while you're at it.

Elsa Costume, $19.99 (Was $39.99), Babies R Us

For Quick Clean-Ups

Whether it's drool or, uh, not drool, little ones require a lot of quick clean-ups. A lot, a lot. Being able to buy a value box of Babies R Us brand wipes ($11.99) for 40 percent off means you can always be prepared (without having to feel like you need to take a second mortgage out on your home). Bonus? Moms can use them for removing make-up at the end of a long day, too. Double-duty deals are every new parent's jam.

Value Box of Wipes, $11.99, Babies R Us

For All The Washes

Let's be real — babies are messy. They are precious little disasters who have a special knack for sullying their clothes the minute you put them on. Enter this Babies R Us Baby Laundry Detergent ($13.79; marked down from $22.99). This 150 ounce bottle will get you through the holidays and then some. Stock up while you can, mamas.

Baby Laundry Detergent, $13.79 (Was $22.99), Babies R Us

For Sensory Play

What child doesn't love Play-Doh? And what parent doesn't love a deal? Everyone wins with this Black Friday sale at Babies R Us, because select Play-Doh 4-packs will only be $1.99. No, that is not a misprint — you read it right. It represents a sizable 50 percent savings on the shopping holiday. So go forth and get your Play-Doh hoarding on . . . you'll find no judgment here. Word to the wise, though: this deal is valid in-store only, so you'll have to get out of bed to benefit from the big savings.

Play-Doh 4-Packs, $1.99, Babies R Us