Courtesy of Mishal Ali Zafar

Based On Searches, These Are The 4 Most Wanted Fingerlings

Not all toys are created equally, and when you see the popularity of one toy outgrow all the others, you know which toy is king. This year, Fingerlings are undoubtedly the hottest toys of the year, and they have parents on the hunt. But even within the Fingerlings family of toys, there are some versions and characters that are more popular than others. So here are four of the most wanted Fingerlings that just happen to be a bit more popular than the rest.

Originally, the manufacturer of Fingerlings, WowWee, introduced six Fingerling monkeys: Bella (pink), Boris (blue), Finn (black), Mia (purple), Sophie (white), and Zoe (teal). They later introduced different characters, including a sloth and a unicorn, and understandably these stood out and became wildly popular. And because these new characters were released as exclusives, there was more hype surrounding them.

For the most part, all Fingerlings operate the same way, aside from a few variations in their sounds. These little interactive robots come with sensors that allow them to respond to voice, motion, or touch with 40 various animations and sounds, including burping, farting, giggling, and blowing kisses, all while they hang on to your finger or other clingable surface. All Fingerlings can blink their eyes, and move their head from side to side, and they can even fall asleep and snore if you rock them gently. So while they all are pretty much the same as far as features, here are four of the most popular characters of Fingerlings.


Gigi The Unicorn Fingerling

According to a spokesperson from Ebay, one of the most searched Fingerlings last month was Gigi the Unicorn. Gigi was the first non-monkey Fingerling to be introduced by WowWee, and when she was released, Fingerling fans went gaga for her. This Fingerling unicorn looks and sounds different from the original Fingerling monkeys, but operates and responds the same way.

Gigi was released as a Toys "R" Us exclusive, and while it is sold out at the moment, you can check back with your local Toys "R" Us store to see when they will get a shipment. You can also find Gigi the Unicorn Fingerling for double or triple the price from resellers on Ebay.


Kingsley The Sloth Fingerling

Courtesy of Mishal Ali Zafar

WowWee introduced Kingsley the Sloth as a Walmart exclusive and Fingerling fans went nuts. Kingsley is super cute, and unlike the Fingerling monkeys, he makes sloth-like sounds and moves about 20 percent slower. Other than the slower movement and noises, Kingsley can do the same thing the other monkeys can do; he just might look a little cuter doing it. A spokesperson for Ebay tells Romper that Kingsley was one of the top searched Fingerlings last month, making him one of the most popular.

Kingsley the Sloth does become available at Walmart every now and then, but you should be able to find him from resellers on Ebay for between $20 to $40.


Zoe The Fingerling Monkey

A spokesperson for Ebay tells Romper that one of the most popular Fingerlings based off of searches is Zoe, the teal blue Fingerling. Zoe is one of the original six Fingerlings, and her beautiful soft teal color and purple hair are probably what make her so popular.

Zoe may be available in stores that carry Fingerlings, like Walmart, Toys "R" Us, or Best Buy stores. You can even check online inventory with stock tracking sites like Zoolert and NowInstock, but if you’re not interested in the hunt, you can grab Zoe from a reseller on Ebay.


Mia The Fingerling Monkey

According to the spokesperson from Ebay, the other hugely searched for and popular Fingerling is Mia. Mia is also one of the six original Fingerling monkeys, and her purple color and white hair are what set her apart from the rest and probably make her a little more popular, too.

Mia can respond just like the other monkeys in her family, with fun animations and sounds. You can find her at stores that carry Fingerlings, including Walmart, Best Buy, and Toys "R" Us when they are in stock. You can call stores to see when shipments will be coming in, or you can buy a Mia Fingerling from Ebay if you don’t want to wait.

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