This Year's 5 Most Pinterested Kids' Halloween Costumes Are *So* Easy To Copy

Halloween is only a few short weeks away, which means we've all got costumes on the brain. For many moms, the first stop for a costume isn't a party supply store or Target — it's Pinterest. And why wouldn't it be? With millions upon millions of Halloween-inspired crafts and costumes, this is the ultimate brainstorming tool for both artistically-talented and artistically-challenged moms. Whether you're the former or the latter, you'll be happy to hear that Pinterest's Newsroom, in partnership with Lyst, released the top trending costumes this year... including the Pinterest's five most popular Halloween 2018 costumes for kids. Whether you want to draw inspiration from these or copy them exactly (that's my personal M.O.), these are the disguises that most other parents are searching and crafting this year.

In typical Pinterest fashion, there were no "ordinary" costumes in the top five this Halloween. After all, Pinterest is the mecca for people far more creative than the average person, and you likely won't see their children dressed as witches, pumpkins, or black cats. This is also, of course, why I adore this website. How on earth did someone even think to create a boba tea costume? I don't know how these crafty wizards come up with this stuff, but I'm so glad they do. I'm even more thankful they share their wisdom with all of us through the lifesaver that is Pinterest.



I'm in awe of this artistic llama costume by Merrilee at Mer Mag. Somehow she managed to turn a cardboard box into this, and she was generous enough to share the full tutorial over at her blog. And don't worry... despite how perfect the finished result looks, Merrilee's instructions are thorough and easy-to-follow, making this a manageable DIY for all parents.


Boss Baby

Spring Notion Baby Suit Set, $25-$47, Amazon

It's not too surprising that The Boss Baby costumes are hugely popular this Halloween, for two reasons: #1. The 2017 movie was fantastic and #2. There is really nothing cuter than babies in formalwear. You won't need to DIY anything to recreate Boss Baby's look; all you need is a bald baby and a suit and tie. This suit from Amazon comes in a variety of sizes, and works perfectly as a Boss Baby costume. Plus, your little one can wear it again for any upcoming weddings (or business meetings)!


Boba Tea

Bubble Tea Baby Outfit, $36, Etsy

This is easily the best marketing for boba tea that I've ever seen. It you're feeling ambitious, you can DIY a boba tea costume like this one from Oh Happy Day, or, if you have an infant, go the easier route and get this adorable onesie!



Yes, this lion's mane by Kimberly at A Night Owl Blog is completely homemade. Even more amazingly, it requires no sewing! I have a bad habit of shying away from crafts if the finished product looks way too advanced for me, but I was so glad I didn't after reading Kimberly's super easy instructions. If you can handle tying knots and traditional, three-strand braiding, you can do this craft.


Old Lady

This old lady baby costume has been around for years, and quite frankly I hope it never goes away. There are plenty of different DIYs online, but this simple Grandma costume tutorial from Olivia Palmer on YouTube is one of the best I've found. Watch the video above to learn how to make your baby look elderly in only a few steps, with only a few materials.