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This Baby Shark Toy Will Respond When Your Kid Calls Its Name, So You Obvi Need It

Let me guess, you were just thinking, "How can I get more Baby Shark in my life?" I read your mind? Yeah, I know. Having that song and the accompanying YouTube videos are already burned into your mind, but you want more. Well, your kids most likely want more. And if so, you're in luck, because there's a Baby Shark dancing doll that moves around and makes sounds, so it will obviously be a huge hit with your kids. And, look on the bright side — if your kids is busy singing and dancing along with a doll, you can take a break from being the one to sing and dance to that insufferable — I mean adorable — song with them.

Shortly before the Christmas holiday, WowWee! released three Pinkfong Baby Shark products for 2019: Pinkfong Baby Shark Song Cubes — which come in Mommy, Daddy, and Baby — at a price of $7.99 each; Pinkfong Baby Shark Song Dolls — which comes in Mommy, Daddy, and Baby — for $16.99; and Pinkfong Baby Shark Dancing Song Doll — in Baby Shark only — for $29.99. And while the toys were previously available for purchase directly through Pinkfong, the partnership with WowWee! has made the toys a bit more affordable than the previous asking price.

The cubes are stackable and collectable, so you know your little one will want all three. And what's one baby Shark Song Doll without the rest of the family? Each of these interactive new toys will play the "Baby Shark" song for you if you squeeze them, and clap or pat them, respectively.

Baby Shark is everywhere — just the way your kids probably want it.

After rapidly selling out on Amazon before the holidays, the Pinkfong Baby Shark Dancing Dolls are now available for pre-order through WowWee! via Toy "R" Us Canada for delivery in early March of this year. For those of you in the United States, keep an eye on Amazon in the coming weeks as the products are set to be available there as well — late January-early February — although there is a more expensive version available for purchase right now.

The dolls take the Baby Shark dancing experience off the screen and into your living room by responding to your child's claps and head-pats with movement and sound. Along with the Baby Shark song, the dolls will also play other popular kids songs, "Under The Sea" and "Tropical Fish."

This Baby Shark you will also talk to you, speaking out seven unique expressions. "Call its name 'Baby Shark' for a fun reaction!" Toys "R" Us' description of the toy reads.

Courtesy of WowWee!
Courtesy of WowWee!

If you simply can't wait to get your hands on something Baby Shark — or, more realistically, if your kid won't stop nagging you — Pinkfong also currently offers a Baby Shark Sound Book, filled with colorful illustrations, press-and-play buttons, and 10 singalong songs. The "Baby Shark" song is in there, too — of course.

The flood of Baby Shark-themed products is hardly surprising considering the wild success of the song that The New York Times described as being "as infectious as anthrax." While the song has reportedly been around for decades, it is the Korean educational company Pinkfong that has drilled it into the brains of a whole new generation. And thanks to Pinkfong's dance along video, the "Baby Shark" song entered into the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week, coming in at No. 32. But the song isn't just taking over in the U.S.; on YouTube, the Pinkfong version of the song has racked up over 3.3 billion views worldwide.

So, if you find yourself left wanting more of Baby Shark and his family, or you know a kid literally anywhere who has a special occasion coming up, the Baby Shark Dancing Doll may be for you. Watch Amazon for its release in the coming weeks and order before they all sell out — again.

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