The Best 2016 Amazon Prime Black Friday Deals On Amazon

It may seem strange for Amazon to hold Black Friday sales, seeing as it has having almost no physical storefronts. But, since this company is pretty much the home base for all the things people need in life, the Amazon Prime Black Friday sales are something people look forward to each and every year. In true Amazon fashion, the company has taken the retail-related holiday and expanded it into a gigantic event that'll last weeks.

First thing's first, you're going to need an Amazon Prime membership to truly get the most out of these Black Friday sales. And when people tell you that it'll pay itself off, trust them — it's worth every penny. Prime members pretty much get first dibs on a lot of the just-announced sales, and if you want to save a ton of money, securing a membership is your best bet.

In all honesty, the best way to navigate through the 2016 Amazon's Black Friday deals might be to mention what's not on sale. Since Amazon has been starting its sales since way before the typical Black Friday time period (which is typically reserved for one special Friday) it's almost impossible to log everything. And, since Amazon loves surprising people with sales, you never really know what might suddenly be discounted or how long something might be discounted for. It's a wonderful circus that nobody — except, perhaps, the marketing department behind Amazon — can truly predict.

Here are a few things that have already been listed, or confirmed:



The Verge noted a few televisions that Amazon has deeply discounted, thanks to the holidays. Of course, there'll probably be a bunch of other models that have their prices slashed.

Here are a few of the notable sets worth grabbing:



The best part about Amazon's discounted electronics, is that they're looking to extend these deals way past Black Friday. Perhaps that's a good tactic to make sure you check out their products all season long.

As always, these deals might not last long, so get them while they're still listed.

Amazon Kindles


Amazon has created a few incredible products itself, and Black Friday is the perfect time to snag a few (both as gifts for others, and — ahem — yourself.) Here's what their current deals look like. Again, they're subject to change.

Magazine Subscriptions


Did you know that you could subscribe to your favorite magazine through Amazon? Well, you can — and if you auto-renew, the price is pretty incredible. Now, it's unclear as to whether or not these are Black Friday deals, just-right-now deals, or a deal that'll last until the end of the year, but it's definitely worth mentioning.