The Best Halloween Face Paints For Kids

Halloween may be one of the funniest holidays for kids, but it also provides an amazing excuse for parents to unleash their creative sides. While you're deciding which costumes to purchase or put together at home, this list of best Halloween face paint kits for kids is going to come in handy.

Each of the kits on this list contains non-toxic paints that are free of harmful chemicals. Depending on your child's costume — and your level of artistic ability — you may decide that a glow-in-the-dark paint kit is needed or you can opt for a crayon kit that makes color application a lot easier.

And because paint removal is just as much a concern for parents as getting a costume to look just right, the majority of these kits are made with water-based paint. This type of paint generally comes off easily with soap and water (though you may need to re-apply it after a few hours, especially if your child sweats or comes into contact with water). However, if you need a longer lasting solution, don't worry: a top-notch oil-based face painting kit has also been included.

Whether you're pulling together an adorable DIY baby Halloween costume or a cheap Halloween costume for kids that could benefit from a few creative touches, these face painting kits are safe and will make getting ready for the holiday a blast.


The Best Overall Face Painting Kit

This award-winning face paint set earned the TillyWig Sterling Fun Award in 2017 for "Best Creative Fun." It comes with 16 highly-pigmented and diverse colors, all of which were tested in labs and meet FDA safety requirements. And there’s plenty of paint to go around — according to the manufacturer, there’s enough to paint 150 faces. The colors can be blended together and last for hours. Plus, since this is a water-based paint kit, it washes off with warm water and soap.

The kit comes with three types of brushes: one for applying wide lines and filling in your work, a fine brush for outlining shapes, and a brush to create details. The price is in line with what you’ll find for more extensive kits and you can’t beat the color options.


Best Glow-In-The-Dark Face Painting Kit

This UV fluorescent face paint kit includes eight tubes of glow-in-the-dark paint, two brushes (one thick and one thin brush), and even and even a small UV light so you can witness your face or body artwork in all of its glowing glory. The paints react to UV light, so you will need a black light or ultraviolet light to enjoy the cool effect, but even when no light is present, the colors are eye-popping, vivid, and last a long time.

These water-based vegan paints are hypoallergenic and free of parabens and toxins, so they’re safe for children who have sensitive skin, though it's always recommended that you perform a patch test first to be sure. A little water and soap gets rid of the color completely.


Best Face Painting Crayons

For anyone not confident in their paintbrush skills, these body and face crayons make it even easier to draw shapes and color them in. This non-toxic water-based crayon set comes with 24 colors, including six metallic shades. They have a creamy consistency that makes them a little harder to blend than traditional paints — but they’ll stay on your child’s skin for a long time.

The major benefit of using these crayons is that they're less likely to leave a mess behind. And older children can use them on their own faces without much help.

Many reviewers say the downside to these crayons is that the color is more difficult to remove. Save yourself time and frustration by stocking up on baby wipes to help remove the color.


Best Oil-Based Paint Kit That Lasts For Hours

Unlike the other water-based face paints on this list, this is an oil-based face painting kit. On one hand, it will last longer on the face and body, but is also more difficult to remove. On the plus side, that means you won’t have to worry about re-applying color after a few hours or your child sweating paint away. But when it’s time to remove this face paint, you’ll need to apply an oil-based cleanser that can handle thicker pigment.

This paint is non-toxic, but it's important to note that the manufacturer does not recommend it for children or adults who have sensitive skin. And a little bit of paint goes a long way — a thin application is all you’ll need to achieve a vibrant hue. But the flip-side to using a highly pigmented oil-based paint is that it's going to take an awful lot of rubbing and scrubbing to get rid of it. On top of that, if your child has skin that gets irritated quickly, this may not be the best choice.

Another downside to this kit is that you’ll only get 10 paints. Most water-based kits provide more colors for the same price. But if longevity is more important to you than color options, this is a great kit to consider.

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