Walmart's List Of The Best Kid-Rated Toys Is Here & Y'all, There's A Ride-On Simba

Kids are experts on a lot of things: the ideal chicken finger, the perfect hiding spot for hide-and-seek, and most importantly, the top toys. In fact, their superior play knowledge is why Walmart has kids rate the best toys on the market every year. Why trust an adult to do what is clearly a child's job?

Seriously though, Walmart's strategy of having kids actually test which toys are the best every year makes sense. The kid stamp of approval allows you to purchase with an idea of what kids truly like in mind, so there's a higher chance your little one actually loves the toy. Walmart worked with hundreds of children to rate their toys for 2019, leading to their largest list of top toys ever, which consists of 48 products, according to a Walmart press release.

The superstore categorized the toys into six top categories: Famous Friends; Unboxing Toys; Interactive Toys; Outdoor Fun; Aspirational Play; and Gaming. Famous Friends is particularly exciting this year thanks to the hit tv shows and movies inspiring products, like the Peppa Pig Magical Parade toy that hasn't even been released yet. But honestly, every category has something your little one would love.

You can check out the full list of kid favorites on the Walmart website, but read on here for a taste of what the list has to offer before it's too late. Christmas is just around the corner, after all.


Lion King 6-Volt Cub Simba Plush Ride On

Your kiddo who just discovered their love for Simba and the gang will go crazy for this ride-on toy, which moves with ease thanks to electric foot pedal acceleration. This Walmart exclusive comes with a jungle den play set, and it makes authentic lion cub sounds. What other toy can make them feel like king or queen of the jungle? Recommended for kids 3 and up.


L.O.L. Surprise! 2-in-1 Glamper Fashion Camper with 55+ Surprises

The collectible and surprise trends are still going strong in the toy world, and this Glamper set combines both in one fun package. The car becomes a play set, measuring in at 2 feet by 3 feet when it's fully extended, and features over 10 hangout areas for the L.O.L. dolls. With over 55 surprises included, your little one will have hours of fun with this toy.


Hatching Toothless Interactive Baby Dragon

This How To Train Your Dragon toy is basically a themed version of a Hatchimal, combining the fun of waiting to see your egg hatch with the mystique of the dragon world. Rather than nurturing the egg, you have to "agitate" baby Toothless by rocking and hitting the egg until he's ready to hatch, so it's a more rough and tumble take. And once he's hatched, the interactive dragon can play games with you and roar. Plus, the purchase allows you to unlock episodes of DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge on VUDU. It's like multiple toys in one. Read more about its features here.


PAW Patrol, Mighty Pups Super PAWs Lookout Tower Playset with Lights and Sounds

The fun of Paw Patrol comes to life with this interactive tower. It lights up, makes noise, and measures at 2 and 3/4 feet tall, featuring a working telescope at the top. Your little one will have a blast discovering all of its features. It needs 3 AAA batteries to work though, so make sure you snag those when you head to Walmart, too.


Build-A-Bear Workshop Stuffing Station with Plush

Bring the magic of Build-A-Bear home with this Workshop Stuffing Station. It comes with everything you need to make a bear at home: three furry friends, three fashion looks, three birth certificates, three hearts, three bags of stuffing, and 20 paper accessories. And you can buy more supplies once your kiddo uses those up. (It'll still be cheaper than visiting the store every few months.)


Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Interactive Puppy with Lights & Sounds

True story, I got to try out an adult size version of this ride-on, which spins 360 degrees. Needless to say, it was a blast, and I immediately regretted that I wasn't a 2-year-old who could enjoy the fun of it daily. But it's better for kids 1 and up than me, as it also plays music and educational content as it spins. They'll never want to get off.


Imaginext DC Super Friends Transforming Batmobile R/C Vehicle

This Batmobile transforms to Battle Mode with the touch of a remote control, making it almost a whole new toy. It can also move forward, back, and to the side, spin all the way around, and launch projectiles at Super Villains. The real Batman would be jealous of a toy this cool. Recommended for kids 3 to 8.


Cubby, the Curious Bear Interactive Plush Toy

Cubby can go on daytime adventures with your little one, but he'll also double as their nighttime companion, as he has a specific nighttime mode setting. During the day, he'll want to hug, dance, and play play peek-a-boo, but at night, he'll make sleepy noises and play soothing music for your child. It's a gift for them and you, as it might just help your kiddo sleep through the night. For kids 4 and up.


Marvel Spiderman Super Web Slinger

This web slinger can shoot water or web fluid, so it's good for indoor or outdoor play. The glove is one-size-fits-all, and the water cartridge can be refilled for endless fun. Imagine the web battles your kiddo could have thanks to this toy.


Juno My Baby Elephant with Interactive Moving Trunk and Over 150 Sounds and Movements

This elephant toy has been getting lots of hype since it was announced earlier this year, as it's equal parts interactive and adorable. Kids get to teach Juno as they play with her, unlocking over 150 sounds and movements with time. She's a robot with personality, and it's up to your child to help her show her true colors. Read more about how fun she is here.