Amazon's Best-Selling Gifts This Year Include Air Fryers & LEGOs

Most of us probably did at least some of our Christmas shopping on Amazon. After all, it is one of the world's largest retailers. This year, the best-selling gifts at Amazon ranged from home goods to LOL Surprise dolls, and everything in between.

Amazon released a list of its best-selling gifts and sales figures from their massive catalog and operations, and, perhaps not surprisingly, Prime orders quadrupled this year over last. Alexa devices flew off the shelves, with the Echo Dot being the most-popular. However, in the billions (yes, billions) of orders placed, the Echo was far from alone. Everything from robotic vacuum cleaners to comfortable clothing made the list, and hopefully made the holidays a little more merry and bright for everyone.

I know that personally, I bought quite a bit from Amazon this year, sending gifts to family in other states, and grabbing things like computers and iPads as soon as they went on sale. Not only that, I filled my kids' stockings with bath bombs, stickers, and York peppermint patties, having them delivered right to my front door. When my kids opened their presents, much glee was had, and judging by the sheer number of Prime boxes that piled up in my building, I know I wasn't the only one stocking up. The following items are just a few of the best-selling products people like me ordered this year.


Melissa and Doug Scratch Art

These scratch art kits are life. My kids absolutely adore them, and they are constantly coming up with new and fun ways to make art using the sheets. This kit is super deluxe and has the traditional black on rainbow as well as white scratch off and a grayscale version.


Wyze Cam

Having one of these pointed at the front and back doors makes sense; they also work well for the garage, and the 1080p resolution means you will be able to see things in great detail. That includes your husband falling face first into the wall of coats when he tries to take off his boots. Make it a gif.


LOL Surprise! Glitter Globe

My daughter loves these, and she was pumped to get them. I'm thinking of having her re-use the glitter globe to hold her dollar coins from the Tooth Fairy. It makes me feel slightly less awful about the sheer amount of waste that toys produce.


Instant Pot

I love my Instant Pot to a ridiculous degree, so much so that I have two of them. It makes perfect rice, fantastic steamed potatoes, soft, delightful beans, and the best soup. Buy six.


Connect 4

My siblings and I would play this to the death. My children are the same. Alas, the pieces always go missing, so you know you need a new one.


iRobot Roomba

Pro tip: if you buy your cat a Darth Vader mask and they ride this, it is comedy gold. Also, it just works really well. Ours does occasionally get stuck in a weird feedback loop where it spins in circles in a corner, but really, who among us hasn't done that?


LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader's Castle

This is an Amazon exclusive. At over 1000 pieces, this set is intense. This is one of those toys that will completely occupy your children's time, and I am here for it. (I will be the one putting it together, guaranteed.)


COSORI Air Fryer

I really want an air fryer. After reading the reviews for this model, I think it may be the one. It is digital and user-friendly, so I don't think I'll mess it up. I am ready to make all of the fries.