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The Best Sex Positions For Leos, Because You Deserve The Attention

Everyone loves a Leo, mainly because it's a Leo's primary preoccupation in life is to ensure that they're loved by everyone they meet. Born July 23 to August 22, this charismatic, proud, big-hearted, sometimes vain sign is a people person. They're extroverts to the max and love a good time. And for this passionate fire sign, that includes sex. So what are some favorite sex positions for Leos? The sky, pun intended, is the limit.

Leo is the sign of the lion and have a corresponding assertive, dominant, personalities. You don't have to worry about when to make the first move with a Leo — you probably won't get the opportunity. Leos know what they want and go for it. But while they're happiest in the spotlight, on the very center of the stage, they're also one of the most generous signs of the Zodiac. They may be the star of the show, but they want to make sure the audience is having a wonderful time.

While Leos are never dull, they tend to be a little bit traditional, so you're not going to find anything too off the wall here (unless they're partnered with a Scorpio or Sagittarius or something), but that doesn't mean there isn't a good time to be had with such boisterous partners.

Standing Oral

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Receiving preferably, but Leos are a generous bunch and would be down for giving as well. Still, Leos are the type to really get off on feeling worshiped, so having someone to kneel supplicant in front of them is physically and mentally stimulating.


I mean, we all should have seen this for an animal sign, right? Animalistic but also familiar and cozy, Leo may gravitate toward doggy style more than any other position (or sign for that matter). I've always thought of doggy style as a low-key way to feel like a porn star (and, if there's anyone who wants to feel like a star of any kind, it's a Leo). I should also point out that an assertive Leo woman will likely be as happy to be on the receiving end of this position as the giving (with the aid of a strap-on if necessary).

With An Audience

OK, maybe not for everyone (not even a show-offy but ultimately old-fashioned Leo) but this sign may find the idea of other people admiring their sweet, sexy moves appealing, whether that be via sex with multiple partners or consensual exhibitionism. If a Leo is going to attempt this, however, they can't just be a face in the crowd: they need to be reassured that they are the main attraction.

In Front Of A Mirror

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This is a somewhat less-involved way of feeling like you're having sex in front of an audience, I suppose. Besides, Leos really like themselves and certainly wouldn't mind looking at their reflections, particularly in such a sexy situation.


This is a great way to satisfy a Leo's desire to be generous and expect to be catered to at the same time. This might be an especially perfect position for a Leo paired with another sign that requires a lot of attention — Aries, Gemini, or Cancer, for example. This way, everyone is on equal footing (especially if you're approaching this position with each partner on their sides rather than having a top and a bottom).

"Prone Bone"

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AKA, with the receiver lying face-down, flat. This position speaks to a Leo's tendency to be... how to put this delicately... lazy. Super lazy, in fact.

Look, it's exhausting trying to be "on" all the time, which can lead these rulers of the jungle to just kind of zone out from time to time. (They can also just think they're above effort if they're not kept in check by a more humble sign.) Still, this position can be a lot of fun, allowing for deep penetration at a good angle to hit the g-spot.


This girl-power position is not only fun, but allows for the partner on top to be in control of angle, depth, and speed. But this is something any assertive sign would enjoy. What makes this perfect for a Leo woman is that it really speaks to the sign's desire to be gazed upon and admired. It gives her partner an excellent opportunity to just stare up in starry-eyed wonder. Leo ladies wouldn't have it any other way.