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The Best Super Tuesday Memes, Because Trump Is Getting Closer & Closer To Becoming Prez

If all the rancor surrounding the Super Tuesday primary elections are getting to be a little much for you, don't fret. Sure, presidential elections can turn friends, neighbors, and families against each other, but there are some people out there who have a sense of humor about the whole process. And what better way to express that humor than tweeting pictures of babies and ducklings dressed up as a political candidate? Yes, I'm talking Super Tuesday memes.

Now, they're not all babies and duckies, I'm sorry to say. I do have to admit that I love how supporters of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders have really embraced the fact that their candidate looks like a nutty professor (or maybe just Larry David) and run with it.

Some of the memes are a little more antagonistic, but even if they're poking fun at your favorite pick for president, you have to admit that they're pretty funny. I like Hillary as much as the next person, but even she knows by now that #ImNotKiddingMaddi was hilariously tone deaf, and there was no way the Internet wasn't going to pick on her for that. So, sit back, stop bickering with your spouse for a moment, and appreciate the fact that all of the candidates are actually pretty entertaining.

Millenials Vs. Hillary

Oof. Someone on Hillary's team took that "not relatable" note and ran way, way too far with it.

The Babies For Bernie Are Back

Never stop dressing your adorable babies like an old man, Bernie fans. Never.

I'm Outta Here

What's Cuter Than A Baby?

A baby duck! Ahhh I can't stand it!

Maddi Is Back, Too

The Most Interesting Man in the world is so easy to meme.

It's Always A Good Time For A Simpsons Reference

"Bart to the Future," a Simpsons episode from 2000 that features Lisa Simpson complaining about the mess President Trump left behind, has been all over my Facebook newsfeed lately.

This Is Real Life

Does this count as a meme, since it's the actual front page of a real newspaper? Still hilarious, at any rate.

Megyn Kelly's Possible Reaction

Given Kelly and Trump's history, she very well may not have been pleased with Tuesday night's results.

Christie's Face

You'd think the person tasked with introducing Trump would look a little happier about Trump's win. Instead Christie looked absolutely stunned. The Internet loved it.