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This Stylish Toddler Tableware Is Totally Not Tacky

If you're tired of brightly-colored plastic spoons and bowls covered with the characters from Paw Patrol messing with your home decor, don't fret: As it turns out, there are plenty of toddler tableware options to fit your modern, minimalist aesthetic. Say goodbye to Chase and Zuma and Rubble clogging up the dishwasher (sorry guys, we love you, but... ), because design-savvy moms and dads are done with the kid stuff, according to experts.

It's not just sporks and place mats, either. It's a shift towards a more minimalist lifestyle overall, according to Psych Bites. And this trend has had a fairly significant impact on the interior design world as well, says Home Polish. Overly-decorated rooms and accent pieces everywhere have given way to living spaces that lack clutter, pieces that are simple, functional and multi-purpose. Color schemes are clean and monochromatic. Understandably, tableware that will carry your child past the stage of Sesame Street makes sense for a minimalist lifestyle, and is more in line with what's currently in style, too. Not to mention, many of the pieces on this list are created with sustainable resources and ethically made; another plus for millennial parents gravitating towards a no-waste way of life.