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The Duggars Renamed Deviled Eggs & You Know Where This Is Going

Easter has come and gone, but chances are you still have some hard boiled eggs hanging out in the fridge. So what do you do with them besides make egg salad sandwiches? Make deviled eggs of course. But shhh, don't tell the these reality TV stars. The Duggars renamed deviled eggs and now you better rethink your Easter leftovers.

In a recent Instagram post, Michelle Duggar shared a picture of herself and two of her daughters making deviled eggs. Except, she didn't call them that. She called them (wait for it)... yellow pocket angel eggs. Yes, you read that right. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?

The post read:

"Made some “Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs” together with Johannah and Jordyn! They’re one of our favorites!"

Where to start? Where to start! First off, yellow pocket eggs is a real mouthful compared to deviled eggs. But on the other hand it's pretty understandable that a deeply devoted Christian family would not want to use the word "devil" in their household.

As expected, the rest of social media was confused, and had a lot to say.

"This is the most ridiculous thing that I have seen online today! The word ‘Deviled’ has nothing to do with the devil? Seriously, get a life! Education is gold," Instagram user Travis Saccuci said. "Not one of the Duggar kid has earned at degree in a college or university. The girls don’t have any legitimate careers. They are definitely good people but come on, it’s 2019!"

But Duggar fans were quick to defend the family's matriarch. Instagram user Brooke Christine said:

"I see the 'Duggar do no right' folks are out in force again. Did I miss the part where the Duggars said they CAN'T call them 'deviled'? All I saw was that Mrs. Duggar was making eggs with her girls and gave it a cutesy name. Is it a mouthful? Yes. Would I call them that? Probably not. Ultimately, the important thing is they're spending time together."

And commenter Melissa Burnes brought up the First Amendment. She said, "Free speech. Who cares what they call them, you call them what you want. Get a life, trolls!

And some users say that the name angel eggs is nothing new.

"I’ve heard them called angel eggs when they are made with lighter or healthier ingredients. I noticed the other day the Duggars were making turkey bacon... wondering if that’s turkey bacon shown and maybe they used olive oil and avocado or light mayo to make them 'angel eggs'," said one commenter. "Google is your friend, folks, instead of just bullying and making fun of people over something you know nothing about."

And the term angel might be used because they might have less calories that the average deviled egg, as user Kaila Litman points out.

"The term 'angel eggs' has also been used in association with fillings with less fat and cholesterol. Look at it this way too people. Be open minded."

Contrary to popular belief, deviled eggs has nothing to with the actual devil. Deviled means to highly season a food, especially with pepper, mustard, or other savory spices, according to Food Republic.

So there you have it. But, no matter what you call them, these little bite sized appetizers are super delish.

Wonder what the Duggars call Deviled Ham? Probably just ham salad. And the next time you make deviled eggs, think about calling them yellow pocket angel eggs... just for kicks.