The 'Hunt For Hill' Skit On 'Saturday Night Live' Was Spot On & Twitter Is Freaking Out

The last time viewers saw Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton on Saturday Night Live, she was singing a farewell song of sorts, followed by the promise that the fight and hope isn't over yet. But since then, Hillary has been absent on the show, which is why the Hunt for Hill skit on Saturday Night Live was scary accurate and why Twitter loved it. In the Hunt for Hill skit on SNL, the reality show spoof with a 'hunt for Sasquatch' type of feel to it followed a group of hunters as they searched for signs of Clinton out in the wild. Signs of the former presidential candidate ranged from her signature at the bottom of a newspaper article she'd read that they left out for her, to a telltale footprint in the mud "with no heel."

McKinnon has been the best Clinton that fans could ask for as she portrayed her on SNL for months before the actual election took place and the absence of her version of the former presidential candidate has been felt. So getting even a glimpse of Clinton on the Hunt for Hill skit on SNL was certainly better than nothing, and of course Twitter realized that.

While the country waits for president-elect Donald Trump to be sworn into office, Clinton has been laying low much more than usual, which is to be expected, but as that's has been the case with McKinnon's Clinton on SNL too, the Hunt for Hill skit was needed to tide fans over for now.

In real life, dedicated Clinton supporters felt her loss in the election hard and most openly mourned the outcome. And while no one is legitimately crying over not seeing McKinnon as Clinton on SNL, having her return for the briefest of moments as the former presidential candidate was what everyone has been waiting for. In the Hunt for Hill skit on SNL, the hunters said that "It kind of seemed like it wanted some time to itself," when referring to the elusive Hillary they were hunting for and really, that's totally fine.

Complete with the requisite found footage evidence caught on cell phone cameras, the hunt for Hillary in the Bigfoot spoof on SNL not only poked fun at the kinds of shows where the camera is too shaky too see anything and night vision just makes things worse, but it also gave viewers a chance to see McKinnon as Clinton again, and that is the greatest gift of all.